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November 30, 2005

A New Body Farm. In 1980 William Bass at the University of Tennessee created a place for people to study how bodies decompose. For 25 years, it's been a one of a kind research center, even inspiring a popular novel. Now Tyler O'Brien at the University of Northern Iowa is applying for a grant to create another research center - one that will expose their subjects to different climates than those typically found in eastern Tennessee. more inside
Face transplant. A women in France receives the worlds first face transplant. more inside
THOR AND MORE. Joint instructions from the jointed.
Braaaaaaaaaains Queasy George - crumbed lambs brains and lard sandwiches...it's quite surprising I made it to adulthood considering the food I relished as a child. Fighting over and winning the last cold crumbed lambs brain in Nanna's fridge was a rite of passage. C'mon spill the beans - do any of your former favourites come back to haunt you in the hungry wee hours? more inside
Purple people. I don't know what it is about the color, but some people are passionate about it and let it dominate their lives. They are easy to pick out because they are the ones dressed head to toe in purple. They have entire stores dedicated to the lifestyle. They scare me. Can anyone explain to it to me? [If anyone out there is a purple person, I don't mean to offend you. Please just explain yourself.]
Soviet Animal Revival Experiments conducted in the the USSR in the 1940's. This is sort of like flatliners for dogs. [WARNING: disturbing Quicktime video] more inside
Bad Sex in Fiction awards 2005 - Like Zorro!

November 29, 2005

Bread Why is the goverernment hiding this information from us?
Your kisses tase like wine, er peanut butter? This reminds meof a bad movie.....
Library Thing A tool for building an online representation of all those precious books on your shelves. Browse the shelves of others, find people with similar reading interests. more inside
Richard Scarry, Then and Sometime Later. Anyone else here grow up poring over the pictures in "Richard Scarry's Best Word Book Ever"? One man compares the book published in 1963 to the one from 1991. Interesting how things change. via coudal.
Share online drawings This is Brilliant! Not only is it my first post for (seems like) years but this on line drawing thingymabob is spot on! There goes my productivity today!!! more inside
The End of Copyright
Chastising the Wookie. Random euphemism generator. They all sound filthy. more inside

November 28, 2005

MonkeyFilter finally has real growing pains. MoFi is broken at the moment due to excessive CPU usage on the server. Only the front page is viewable, and links to posts will bring up an error. We will be remedying this tonight, but expect downtime of around six hours. Sorry about that.
The Idler A magazine that lives up to its name, even before you buy it. more inside
I've checked, and this isn't on the list of my favourite things. Andrew Lloyd Webber is to start up a reality tv show, searching for the star of his stage remake of The Sound of Music. more inside
IVR Cheat Sheet Paul English created the IVR Cheat Sheet to help you quickly get to a human when you are trying to call a company for service. (The term IVR stands for "Interactive Voice Response", the fancy name for annoying computers who answer most phones these days.) more inside
Cartographic Curiosities and other maps from the Yale Map collection.
UK Mercinaries Hired by US Randomly Shoot Iraqi Civilians on Video. [Please note there are some "adult" links - no images - on the page containing this video]. All to the tune of "Mystery Train" by Elvis Presley. UK Sunday Telegraph British Mercinaries hired by the US videotaped themselves randomly shooting at vehicles in Iraq. Very intelligently, they posted the video to a website (now pulled from the internet) run by a former employee of the "security firm" they worked for. more inside
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