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October 23, 2005

The Eggcorn Database "This site collects unusual spellings of a particular kind, which have come to be called eggcorns. Typical examples include free reign (instead of free rein) or hone in on (instead of home in on), and many more or less common reshapings of words and expressions: a word or part of a word is semantically reanalyzed, and the spelling reflects the new interpretation."
The Thousand Sorrows of Ogner Stump more inside
Hamming the burger with Eugene. The best laugh I've had all week!
All your base rhapsody. (video) Brightened my day.
Indictments. Today Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald handed over 22 indictments to Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez, accusing President George W. Bush, Vice President Richard Cheney and others of espionage, obstruction of justice, perjury and a variety of other charges in the matter of the CIA/Valerie Plame leak-gate case.
An analyst for an investment bank literally chopped up an iPod and estimated the total cost to Apple for manufacturing, packaging and distributing the gadget. Conclusion? Half the money you pay for an iPod is pure PROFIT.
Guys, you can thank me later. more inside
Curious, George: Déjà Vu How often do you experience it? Does it bother you, or do you enjoy it? It never really bothered me until yesterday's David Copperfield post. The moment I saw the post, I kinda freaked out; it was the most intense case of déjà vu I have ever experienced. At first I tried to convince myself, "surely I must have read this somewhere else." But then I saw Chy's comment, and I knew that something was awry. It was as if I was living Groundhog Day... And yes, yesterday was quite a bad day for me! Why, why did my déjà vu have to involve David Copperfield!? Is this some evil mutation of the David Hasselhoff recursion??
8-bit Star Wars You may have to squint, but I think it's worth it.
Wanna get pwned by bacon? The bacon of the month club will make you bacon's bitch, man. This is only for those of you who dream about bacon, 'cos it's hella expensive. more inside