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October 05, 2005

Tommy and Katie are expecting a baby. I'm expecting to be horrified. Yes, we here at MonkeyFilter normally discuss the loftier aspects of life, but we're always open for some good ol' Tommy-bashing. Gentlemen, start your slander..! more inside
Care Bear Stare! We Monkeys could invent better catch phrases with our tails behind our backs! I know, of course, that you can't 'make' a catch phrase, but silliness must prevail in the face of logic. Propose three, and, if desired, how and when one might say them. more inside
The threat -- avian flu. The Bush response. Reaction to the Bush response.
Baby sloths. Lily the biter, Mogli and Mogwai, Nemo, and more. [via] more inside
The Mad Revisionist A "series of essays dedicated to the manufacturing of truth through the discarding of evidence." Sample articles: The Moon: A Propaganda Hoax and The Parthenon: A Post-Hellenistic Fabrication.
Another Gospel This month, a book (.pdf) comes out, which will expose who really wrote Shakespeare's plays. Not everyone trusts the scholarship the book is based on, however.
Curious George movie coming He looks a little weird, and Yellow Hat looks like Inspector Gadget... we'll see.
Shark-Be-Gone In light of all this ocean hysteria among Monkeys - the shark attacks, self-impaling-and-impregnating giant squid, and now the gooey glowy things - here's some better news. Though it won't save you from giant balls of snot or an amorous Arcteuthis, it could make a shark think twice about bugging you in the water. more inside
Dolphin taught to sing the 'Batman' theme - beat that, chimps. more inside
Giant Balls of Snot
pallalink / from osaka, japan [via]