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October 31, 2005

BalancedPolitics.org. Here's a good idea: a website that summarizes the basic arguments pro and con of Big Issues. Abortion, Affirmative Action, Euthanasia... Oh, and should the minimum wage be abolished?
Blizzard's WoW Spyware, aka ? .."Rejoice gaming fans, for the latest new “feature” of Blizzard Entertainment’s smash hit multi-player online videogame World of Warcraft is here! No, it’s not a new Sword of Destruction or Staff of Power—it’s spyware! Yes, unbeknownst to many gamers, World of Warcraft now has an unwanted special feature—a hidden program called “Warden” that snoops gamers’ computers looking for any "unauthorized third-party program" that “enables or facilitates cheating of any type.”
Curious George: I don't get it. Is the Wizard of Id trying to make a fundie anti-Halloween statement? more inside
Seven firemen fired for having sex while on duty. After 9/11, we all changed. More than ever, even since the dawn of charity calendars, firemen were able to catch more tail than the Humane Society. [via obscurestore] more inside
US Congress Defeats Minimum Wage Increase It's $5.15 per hour, and has been since 1997. Everything else is more expensive now though. more inside
The Brothers Chaps Play Football With the game over, I took some time to fall to my knees and scream into the sky over Jesse's body.
Scaredy Cat George: I love a good ghost story. Local spooky tales are always the most fun. Help make my holiday horrifying and share your best scary stories inside. Happy Halloween, monkeys! more inside
The Legend of Me by Jack Handey
Yahoo!!! posts the 'top 100 weird sites'. Now I'm not saying they are or they aren't. I'm just posting them now so we can get them out the way in one go, cos I'm mean like that. Move along...
Curious George: Trick? Or treat?
Masturbakers. For all your erotic cake needs. Though I think they're not quite as well-done as this penis cake.... complete with piercings. (vaguely NSFW I suppose, what with the representation of naughty bits in frosted baked goods)
Amazing picture from the Large Binocular Telescope at Arizona of NGC89 - a 24 million light years distant galaxy. more inside
The Top-10 Languages used on the Internet. The number of recorded internet users has reached the staggering figure of 812,931,592 worldwide. Leading in absolute terms, with more than 35% of total internet users, English is smashed by those 526,288,835 users that access internet in a different language. While a considerable share of people from non English-speaking countries are more or less proficient in the language, recent data has shown that in China 85% of the users prefer to access pages in their native language. That figure is 84% for Japan, 82% for Brazil and Spain, 81% for Argentina and Peru and 79% for Germany. more inside
Is domestic violence now relative? Can an Aussie explain to me why law is applied differently to members of different cultures? Or is this a hoax and I can expect to see it on Snopes. more inside
Social worker gets charged with Obstructing Justice for helping a 14 year old get an abortion. more inside

October 30, 2005

Paying homage to the i's Needs Speakers, SFW, amusing.
"In an absorbent homage to Georgia O'Keeffe, Kotex has introduced "flowerful" new packaging for its pads of all sizes." Salon link, requires day pass to view. (via Salon's Broadsheet) more inside
Digest this ! To quote Joe E Lewis: "They had me on the operating table all day. They looked into my stomach, my gall bladder, they examined everything inside of me. Know what they decided? I need glasses."
Anonymous, George: Distance Makes The Heart Grow Fungus Or at least that's how the song goes, and I'm scared it's true. My SO of nearly two years recently moved halfway across the country to pursue her career. Due to a lack of prospects out there, I remained behind. more inside
The Avengers (Illustrated) more inside
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