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September 27, 2005

Spacefilter: Astronomers have found the first evidence of cracks in a neutron star's crust. The star cracked when it was rocked by the strongest "starquake" ever recorded, researchers said last week. more inside
Ye olde Chew and Screw. A dine-and-dash in Jersey, with a little something extra for the staff. [via obscurestore] more inside
The Farmers Wife - Images from the land of corn & soybeans
I'm a vegetarian, but I do eat roadkill, so says Fergus Drennan, forager extraordinaire. His business, Wild Man, can be found at The Goods Shed in Canterbury. Now off you go, forage! "A man is standing at my front door holding a dead fox. It is stiff with rigor mortis and seems to be grinning at me."
Portrait of a Master
Much has been written about Philippe Dufour, his mastery of the craft of watchmaking, his insistence on perfection, his stubborn-ness to remain close to the art of his forebears, his open-ness to sharing with collectors and other watchmakers alike.
Dogonauts!!! Before there were manned missions to space, the way was paved by animals; cute, furry animals. Laika was the first cosmonaut, traveling in a low orbit around the earth, before dying of stress, in November, 1957. Later dogonauts Belka and Strelka fared better, not only returning to earth alive, but sending progeny to the Kennedy White House. more inside
Yabusame. Mounted archery then and mounted archery now. Lots 'o links. more inside
The Light and the Land
If you missed the last night's interview, here is a transcript and realplayer video of Q-and-A's interview with Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia. more inside