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September 13, 2005

The best Petes. Shamelessly stolen from mefi, but I thought it would be appropriate here, too.
Curious George: Program that limits to surfing only? I went to a business that had "free internet" - the computers were new & nice, but only allowed http/s/ traffic (browser only), no "Start" button, no right-click, no CTRL-ALT-DEL . . . what program let them do that? Or is it just a matter of turning off *everything* for anonymous users? And how would one do that?
Burns Bog is burning again. As I write this in my new North Burnaby apartment I can smell the smoke, thick, coming in through the window. The entire GVRD (see the parks map) is covered in smoke and ash is falling. I picked the wrong time to start jogging again.
The POPStation
Curious, George: What is the proper way to respond to someone who tells you, "Have a blessed day?" more inside
Awesome. Also awesome. I used to think I was good at javascript. more inside
Doctor Who, Superman & Buffy. All here in daily comic form. The good Doctor crosses over with Sups, and also with Buffy. more inside
A Gallery of Demons This page is a study in world perceptions of 'evil.' Thoughout these pages, you'll find descriptions of different 'demons.' I realize that some of these 'demons' can be considered gods or mythological beings, but I've chosen those I found to demonstrate the trickster archetype or have been described as possessing "evil" traits in a predominent belief system. more inside
Cryptic message for MoFi's Chengwin-fans. Checking out the Chengwin site, as I am wont to do from time to time, there's a new message on the front page -- a disturbing message without any explanation. Is Chengwin going to lose to Chunk? To Chixon? Is Chabio going to fall prey to some evil plot? Any NYC monkeys know what's what? What the HELL is GOING ON? more inside
How Curious George Escaped the Nazis Interesting historical tidbit for you MoFites.
Pentagon Revises Nuclear strike Plan The Big One is coming closer to reality. We may all soon require Monkey litterboxes a la MoneyJane's post below. more inside
A.G. Rizzoli. Inspired by this FPP, I'm hereby turning you on to the artwork of this Californian, the son of Italian immigrants and a lifelong celibate, who worked by day as a lowly draftsman, but in his spare time experienced mystical visions and created architectural renderings of ornate imaginary buildings. I discovered Rizzoli at a show at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.
Curious George Flings Some Poo... Ok...I was cleaning the catbox today; scooping out the clumps of pee and the other solid bits...and I got me to thinking. Post Big One, toilets may not flush, and water be in too short supply to flush them with a bucket of water. more inside