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September 12, 2005

Curious George: New MacOSX user I'm using MacOSX (the not newest one), and suddenly everything is failing. Ever time I reboot, all my user settings are gone, my bookmarks, and the iTunes library is corrupted again. I assume I must have some bad settings. Anyway, what I want to do is start fresh with a new user. I can create one, and make that one an Administrator, but how do I share everything (all settings, desktop, etc...) with the new one, from the old one, so that I don't have to recreate everything from scratch?
An exercise in watershed awareness. You live in the big here. Wherever you live, your tiny spot is deeply intertwined within a larger place [...] What do you know about the dynamics of this larger system around you? Or to reverse the question, how completely does urban life insulate you from your biome?
Lyons & Co., an Electronic History - a very British institution that sadly fell to the recession in the late 70's. I came to the UK in '78 as a wee nipper and caught the last of this company - it seemed the name was everywhere in quiet little village shops, tea shops in the towns, on tv, and on posters thru' London. Lyons even had the first business computer evar! Lyons Maid! Lyons Tea! Then it was gone. more inside
Maps. This guy goes to a lot of trouble to create maps of places that doesn't exist.
Of Men & Their Elegance Men's fashion as represented in art, at the Higbee Gallery at Kent State, from the 1660s to the Edwardian Era. Nary a blue polo in sight.
Everybody Must Get Stoned. A gallery of stone buildings and the type of stone from which they were constructed.
Foundations to Chemistry is a free on-line "Pre-University Chemistry Course" offered by the University of Oxford.
The MoFiLA "Talk Like A Pirate Day" Meetup (9/19-ish): sexyrobot, space kitty and I were kicking around the idea of holding a meetup on this holiest of holy days a couple of weeks ago. more inside
The *Art Parade. Do you suppose that someone associated with an art event might have considered that their logo design looks a bit … oFF? This is one parade where I’d not want to bring up the rear….