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September 11, 2005

Curious Roving George What's the deal with free movement within the EU? And does anyone have recommendations (besides possibly the UK) as to a good European country to move to to raise our kids? more inside
Breakdowns Marked Path From Hurricane to Anarchy There have been so many conflicting reports, rumours and denials , that it's been difficult to figure out what really happened in NOLA in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. While many would not consider the NYTimes to be completely impartial, this is the first story I've seen that exposes the weaknesses, mishaps and unfortunate circumstances that contributed to the disaster that followed, and does it in what appears to be a relatively balanced way. more inside
Curious George: iTunes 5 problem I downloaded iTunes 5 yesterday, and now I can't view anyone else's shared music. more inside
Imagine your cellphone as your smart travelguide. Combine the physical annotation technology of semacode with the high quality information in Wikipedia.
Reverse Dictionary gives a list of words and phrases based on the user's input descriptive terms. Can't think of a word, but know what it means? Reverse Dictionary probably can help.
Textarc - Is a program that in it's own words: "a text analysis tool" more inside