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August 28, 2005

Cartoonists/Cartoons [via]
MOST OF THE AREA WILL BE UNINHABITABLE FOR WEEKS...PERHAPS LONGER. Katrina and the Waves had a ditty called "Walking on Sunshine". The current Katrina includes no sunshine in the forecast. This is looking like the fulfillment of the "Doomsday Scenario" for New Orleans. New Orleans' news sites listed here (TV stations include live news video). This is looking like the strongest storm in the recorded history of U.S. weather heading for a major metro area that is mostly below sea level. more inside
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Andy Griffin is the farmer at Mariquita Farm. He is also a writer of wonderful essays about sex, food, and lanquage. He also has a weekly radio show. Enjoy some photos while your at it.
Curious George : AMD or Intel I've done the research, but now look to MoFi for assistance. more inside
In an effort to understand her students, an anthropology professor performed an ethnography of her students. While the study was originally published under a pseudonym to protect the author's anonymity (the second link gets into the ethics of undercover research a little), the NY Sun outed her as Cathy Small last week, and CNN has confirmed their story. more inside