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August 15, 2005

ROBOKITTY! (warning, QuickTime required.) via.
I, for one, welcome our cosmic bullet overlords Had this article on my computer for quite some time, just rediscovered it after clearing out some files. I apologize if it's been posted here before. Freaky stuff though...
Curious George: Yahoo beheads spokesmodel. Why? I remember enough from business school to believe that Yahoo chose and placed the photo on its mail welcome screen with tremendous care. The pretty--possibly non-existent--woman of no particular ethnicity has been there for a couple of years. more inside
Curious George: HTML coding. I'm hand-editing an HTML document and it's corrupt because one of the tables is not closed off properly. Is there a utility that can help find the mistake, perhaps by indenting all the code? I find that the online validators aren't very helpful for this.
Melvin Vaniman (1866-1912) was an American mechanic, dirigible and plane designer, opera singer and near polar explorer but most famously he pioneered the art of panoramic photography. His fame was established for the most part during his sojourns in Australia and New Zealand. [Some Hawaiian panoramics at Library of Congress (search on Vaniman)]
Walken in 2008.
We Jam Econo. The Minutemen were a punk band out of San Pedro, California in the early 1980s... but that's not the half of it. Think punk is about safety pins and dyed hair? These guys will show you differently. Here's the trailer. Or listen to stuff here. more inside
Is it Gutenberg 3 already? Summer's almost over... The 13 month calendar, devised by good ol' Auguste Comte in 1849, didn't go anywhere, despite its conversion fun,. Enter George Eastman and a few other industrialists and their accountants, and the idea was reborn in a simpler way. Regular months and weeks, predictable holidays, extra month's rent, that sort of thing. Obviously, it didn't catch on except in the offices of Kodak itself -- the one place where Eastman could control time -- where the calendar was used until 1989 (presumably, to co-ordinate the dates on all those layoff notices with the pogey office). more inside
I ♥ Daniel Clowes (some images NSFW) Sure, many of you already know and love Daniel Clowes, one of the best underground comics artists ever. But have you bothered to visit these websites, or read these articles and interviews? more inside
Happy Melon Day, Love Turkmenbashi "Let the life of every Turkmen be as beautiful as our melons," President Niyazov said in a statement.