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August 09, 2005

Peekaboom I know... I've posted already today.. but this is just too cool. Bascially, help a coupla algorithims learn hor to recognize things by "sight." You switch back and forth with a player a la a visual 25,000 Pyramid... and you reveal the portion of the picture that the site wants your partner to guess... i.e. Picture of a park... site wants "tree" so you reveal a tree. The only interaction is a noun/verb, related noun verb hint, and a hot or cold... This is just incredible..! Via BoingBoing...
Computer crashing? Maybe you're cursed... A little quirky post from our good friends up north. I can't believe someone's spent 26 years on this... weird if it were true more inside
Curious George: Who's Dumb to You? While taking a walk the other evening, I overheard some kids making "dumb jokes" (think "blonde jokes") about Canadians. Here in Washington state, the neighbors we tend to poke fun at for being supposedly daft are Canadians and sometimes Idahoians. more inside
Curious George-I have a lifesize cardboard cutout of myself ... wearing a tuxedo and striking a gameshow-host pose. It is cluttering up the flat, so I need suggestions as to what to do with it. I feel it needs a spectacular send-off. more inside
The Speech Nixon Didn't Give 31 years ago
"..I firmly believe that I have not committed any act of commission or omission that justifies removing a duly elected President from office. If I did believe that I had committed such an act, I would have resigned long ago.." [The actual speech. The Resignation Letter.]
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Blood and Roses The Paston family were minor nobility who rose to prominence in 15th century Norfolk. The collection of their family correspondence that survives provides a unique perspective on life in a long lost era - illicit romance, violence with bonus Middle English sound file!, and card games at Christmas. Wikipedia
20 Mishaps That Might Have Started Accidental Nuclear War - 9 of them being from the Cuban Missle Crisis. Note that these are false alarms and do not include such frighteners as the Arkhipov incident, and are only the known ones, so we don't really know how many times we've been on the brink for other, perhaps as yet undisclosed events. more inside
Curious George... wifi I'm thinkin of putting in free wi-fi for my rental units... Just wondering if it's worth the $1,000 (labor included) to do.... more inside
The Dining Room is sort of an interactive flash puzzle horror story. Not very complicated (try clicking on things multiple times), but creepy and atmospheric, with nice sound effects. Turn off all the lights in your room before you start to make it really scary! more inside
Curious Screenwriting George: Has any monkey ever attended the Los Angeles Screenwriting Expo? I took a one year diploma program in scriptwriting and enjoyed it immensely. Me and a buddy of mine would like to learn more about the art of screenwriting. Is the expo worth going to? What have been your experiences? What other events like this have you attended and would recommend?