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August 08, 2005

Curious Screenwriting George: Has any monkey ever attended the Los Angeles Screenwriting Expo? I took a one year diploma program in scriptwriting and enjoyed it immensely. Me and a buddy of mine would like to learn more about the art of screenwriting. Is the expo worth going to? What have been your experiences? What other events like this have you attended and would recommend?
Cool Bikes. Some neat futuristical lookin bikes. more inside
Curious, George: Boys keep out This one's just for the girls. Birth control question ahead. more inside
"Doctor, I woke up this morning, and I found THIS..." Man gets drunk. Man passes out. Friend puts padlock on man's scrotum. Man waits two weeks before having it removed. The padlock, obviously. (Via obscurestore) [WARNING: article contains mention of hacksaw.] more inside
Stacking the Deck The gallery's all you need, unless you want to buy the book.
Curious George: Uses for a very old laptop I know this is a common kind of thing that crops up, but I have a Digital Hinote Ultra 2000 laptop (2 of them in fact), each with a 100MB hard drive, and a P1 166MMX processor. What could I do with them? Is there anything I can do to make them useable? more inside
These lines jiggle
Possibly the Greatest Time-Waster I have ever seen. It's as though Tempest has come to life. Create your own amoeba, magic rotating pillar-thing, or weird man walker. These little beasties are surprisingly complex and beautiful, even generated and optimized with artificial intelligence for the races. And the AI is winning. (Java applets, fyi)
I Am Curious; Bubble. I've turned into a bubble tea zombie. I just love this stuff, and have 3 bubble tea joints within 3 blocks of my house. Anyone else a slave to Tea 'n' Lumpz?
Curious, George: Digitizing my vinyl music I'm looking for tips, suggestions, and software for converting some of my music on vinyl to digital format. more inside
Lincoln: Hypocrite or Statesman? an essay by Dinesh D'Souza from the April 2005 edition of American History magazine.
CIA Electronic Reading Room Thousands for formerly secret documents for researchers, enthusiasts, or the simply curious. more inside