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August 05, 2005

I dream of old Dean Moriarty. "On the Road", Beat Bible and required reading for any sullen teen wanting to get out of their hick town, finally to make it to the big screen. Brace yourself -- this will either be glorious, or an abomination and sin against nature. more inside
Curious George: Getting out of a Cell Phone contract. I suspect I may be up that famous creek with this, but I thought I'd ask the monkeys and see if I can get some help. more inside
Curious George (yes, another): Wiki Do any Wikis support data fields, or are they all just blobs of text? Reason being... more inside
The worst foods for your health You there! Put that French fry down and come out with your hands up! Actually when it comes to bad foods, the French Fry, though a culprit isn't the worst. #1 on the list is a little suspected breakfast item. And zounds what about that fettucini alfredo?
Greatest Submarine Rescue in History. On 23 May 1939, the submarine Squalus sank in 243 feet of water off Portsmouth, NH when the engine room flooded due to a catastrophic valve failure. 26 men in the after part of the ship were drowned. Thirty-three others, including the commanding officer, LT Oliver F. Naquin, who were in the forward section, were trapped with no way to escape. Thus began the greatest submarine rescue of all time. Also, here's a short story about one of the survivors, Warren Smith. more inside
Curious George: What's in a username? What does your username signify? more inside
WaterFireplace Instant fire, just add water.
How to fuck a donkey.
Curious George: Toolbar Trouble Does anyone out there know how to get the toolbar to STAY HIDDEN? more inside
London guerilla graffiti artist visits Palestine. Though Banksy got abuse from both the Israelis and Palestinians ... the latter were slightly less threatening than the Israeli military ...
Cold Comfort for Echinacea Fans MedPage Today -- may require registration; the first time I accessed it, it didn't, but the second time it did. So I dunno. I swore by echinacea for years. Turns out, it don't do doodly-squat for cold symptoms. Vitamin C is less effective than origianlly believed, too. I feel like such a fool!
Sleeping Students Gallery
Curious George: Adware? "Messenger Service" keeps poping up with an obvious adware. more inside
The Amazing Lie Diet Patients tricked into believing that they once were sick on strawberry ice cream subsequently avoid the food. Curiously, chocolate chip cookies seem immune to the effect. [via blog.bioethics.net] more inside
Glitterrock is a "screen capping" site where people have been posting entertaining captions for television and film screen shots for several years now. The site is a little hard to navigate, but you can find links to the galleries here. The humor is a little uneven (this is the internet, after all), but when it's good, it's pretty damn funny. Star Wars Caps. Star Trek Caps. Doctor Who Caps.
Curious George: Skin Care Looking for extremely low hassle facial skin care (for men) more inside
Most Disturbing Product poll. That is, most disturbing products actually for sale. (post on feministing.com found via this post on Bitch Ph.D.)
Cheney Orders STRATCOM To Prepare Nuclear Attack Against Iran? Is CONPLAN 8022-02 the "trigger" of WWIII? more inside