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July 28, 2005

Blissful Monkey Yoga Our minds are like a wild horse, and the intellect is like a monkey.
CAFTA: The controversial CAFTA passes by two votes. STOP CAFTA! Dr Greger explains CAFTA, world government by global corporations, and its effect on animal welfare, from CAFTA's roots in NAFTA, Fast Track, etc., in 54 minutes of brilliant audio clips.
Curious, George: Good Colocation Host I've been tasked with finding a good colocation host to use as a backup to our web servers... more inside
The Pending Banana Apocalypse. Frankenfruit battles The Fungus as traditional banana scientists look on helplessly. Action-packed collectors' first issue!
Home/Life was a project that culminated in a website, book and an exhibition. 121 children (most of them homeless) in eleven cities around the world were given cameras to document the environment in which they live. more inside
Worde Up. Trying to make the Canterbury Tales more accesible to schoolchildren, Baba Brinkman has translated them into Hip-Hop. I'm reminded of the South Park episode with the inspirational group "Butt Out." I'd love the see the kid's reactions.
Zombie 4 It's a infection sim/shooter.
Live Journal: The Latest 50 images uploaded & refreshed every minute. Somehow hypnotic, voyeuristic, addictive. Let's just assume that some/all/occasionally these images will be NSFW. Is 1 minute enough?
Speculation is rife that the IRA are due to make a statement winding up their existence as an armed force. The release of Seán Kelly seems to point to an announcement tomorrow. This momentous news may also serve to intoroduce the excellent Slugger O'Toole, a blog on Northern Ireland's politics and culture.
The Massacre of the Cathars at Montsegur. In 1244 a few hundred Cathars held out for 10 months in their mountain fortress against 10,000 soldiers. It was a pretty interesting period in church history. Rome started the Medieval Inquisition in response to the Cathars. And the direct cause of the massacre at Montsegur was the assassination of some Inquisitors at Avignonet by Pierre-Roger de Mirepoix, a dispossessed lord and Cathar who was sort of the main military guy at Montsegur. Although the current ruins on top of Montsegur are from a later period, they are still a striking sight on the granite pog on which they stand. Lots more info about the Cathars here. more inside