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July 25, 2005

Images from Iceland contains some nice pictures of Iceland more inside
Overheard in Dublin Current favourite
Scientists have found the world's oldest dildo. Proof that women have had trouble finding an adequate man for 28,000 years.
Wow! As in Wow Cards From the fertile mind of Ian Rowland comes these amazing topographic/artistic curiosities. more inside
[insert enemy target here] Why bother getting real quotes from real Iraqis when you can just make one up, even though it's in pure military jargon, and attribute it repeatedly to "an unidentified Iraqi?" Also spotted on the blue, but posted here in the hopes of engendering less sniping and snark and encouraging intelligent discourse. more inside
A cell phone just for her. "At Samsung, we acknowledge the unique individuality of every modern woman in this society and have thus created the Egèo that will meet her every needs.... Just for the Ladies - Pink Schedule, Calories Calculator, Bio Rhythm, Fatness Indicator".
Cadillac Man is "homeless." He had 10 pages of his writing recently featured in Esquire magazine. Sometimes you never know where life will take you... [Second link has the entire Esquire piece for free] more inside
Whale eats squid! In puppet form! more inside
GM crops created superweed, say scientists - the stupid fucking assholes.
Curious George I'm running a day camp all this week. It's french immersion, and is centered around doing activities and arts and crafts which educate and inform the participants about a local endangered species. Hopefully in the end, we'll create a great big hand painted sign to be installed near this animal's habitat. One of the kids is blind, and has limited motor function. I'm bad enough around kids as it is...how can I make this a fun camp for him, without insulting his intelligence or making him feel left out? (He's roughly 13 or so.)
Nicholas Murray Butler is a Horses Ass. (The good part starts at the 6th paragraph, that begins: One of his former students ...). More info here.