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July 21, 2005

The Forgotten Technology Could this be how the Pyramids were built? Perhaps the key to Coral Castle? A fun read, either way.
Architect Studio 3D from the Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust allows you to design your own house, and view/comment on other people's designs. Intro (skippable) requires Flash.'The Design Studio and Design Gallery require a fairly fast computer (preferably 1 Ghz or faster processor)' as well as Shockwave, and 'will look and perform much better if you have a 64MB or better graphics card'.
Hillary Clinton You F&^^%$ing Idiot With the war in Iraq, terrorists attacking London, Rove under fire, etc etc etc, the Democrat with the biggest name recognition in the Senate has decided to focus her attention on... Grand Theft Auto sex mods. more inside
Death to all pitt bulls! Denver is taking any dog that looks like a pit bull away from its owners and euthanizing it. While I am horrified by the terrible mauling stories that are in the news, I have also known several pit bulls who were wonderful dogs, great fun to be around, and never once made me feel unsafe. more inside
Red Gold: the epic story of blood
We have pissed in our beds. And more bawdy graffiti from Pompeii. Some things never change. Caveat lector :)
TV Tropes & Idioms - Frequently used plots and devices.
Canada has the Royal Assent. Gay marriage is now the law. more inside
Sexy Robots... yet another boring self post from sexyrobot.