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July 20, 2005

He's dead, Jim R.I.P. Scotty
Coloribus Stock of Durex Condom Adverts
I suppose these are somewhat NSFW. Nothing overt though. More the thinking person's free association filth, if anything.
Only once in every 18.6 years, the northernmost moon rise of its cycle lines up with the axis of the earthen mounds in southern Ohio. 2000 years ago, Native Americans constructed circular and octagonal mounds, or earthworks, near what is now Newark Ohio. Astronomer Ray Hively and philosopher Robert Horn looked for reasons why the mounds and walls were built and oriented in this way. more inside
Curious, George: Embed flash file How do I embed a flash flip book into a blog? more inside
Studies: Most foreign fighters didn't wage terror before Iraq war. New investigations by the Saudi Arabian government and an Israeli think tank — both of which painstakingly analyzed the backgrounds and motivations of hundreds of foreigners entering Iraq to fight the United States — have found that the vast majority of them are not former terrorists and became radicalized by the war. more inside
Glossary of medieval art and architecture. Click on each word to see illustrative graphic. There are more images here, and a Gothic glossary with more stuff here.
Google Moon I dare you to zoom all the way in.
Man dies from injuries incurred from sex with horse
Worse, it's not an isolated incident. Not even close. The "40-acre farm where investigators found hundreds of hours of videotape depicting men, including the one who died, having sex with horses" in Enumclaw, Washington where this took place will probably not even be charged with anything, even though they dropped the dead man off at the local hospital post-mortem. Not that I don't think this guy didn't have it coming. more inside
23 Questions with Robert Anton Wilson - No wife, no horse, no mustache. Via Everything isn't Under Control
Lebowski Fest this weekend. I've been informed a handful of Metafiltristes are showing up here in Louisville for the real original Lebowskifest this weekend; the Metatalk thread with contact info is here, just in case some Monkeys didn't read it. Maybe y'all can do a joint Mofi/Mefi meetup around it, at which I might show up.
The Ballad of Polly and Wally A brilliant mock-up of current polyamory trends. Embedded QT movie. NSFW!!!!!! more inside
Emily was a Donut Dolly with the Red Cross in Vietnam. A Donut Dollies' job was to organize and provide recreation for the soldiers. They played games, sang songs, and sat and talked to the soldiers. Emily shares some of her pictures and writings about her experience there: The time the VC landed a direct hit on the Dong Tam ammo dump, a fatigued soldier, flying around by helicopter, the architecture, and kids. more inside
The Onion-O-Matic Courtesy the now-defunct but still quite funny website, Humor Is Dead.
Fashion Design: Have you ever thought that fashion design has got stuck in a rut? Architecture, Industrial Design and the car industry combine new materials and technologies with aesthetics to create objects with form and function, while fashion apes the designs of the past or creates baroque monstrosities
Curious George - Supreme Contest Who will George pick tonight as the next supreme court justice? Winner will receive a box of wonderment as a prize. If multiple monkeys pick the same winner, a run-off will be held to determine the ultimate winner. Good Luck!