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July 15, 2005

Fragrance for your belly button. Jessica Simpson is concerned about how your navel smells. -- via Pop Culture Junk Mail more inside
All your parrot news in one place. Covering news on endangered, threatened, and feral parrots. more inside
Don't they teach kids ethics anymore? When I went through school, they taught us a little something about ethics. Between Tom Delay Jr here and our own experience with moooshy I'm starting to wonder if this was the exception rather than the rule.
Two TVs for the price of two. What a breakthrough. "Sharp Corp. has developed a liquid-crystal display that shows totally different images to people viewing the screen from the left and the right." more inside
Otto Dix
Pooooooofs! After such an exhausting week, here's a soft-and-fluffy visit with more of MoFi's favorite animal mascots. Apologies ahead of time for annoying Geocities URL
The zombie dots have evolved! "You're a citizen of Malton, a city that's in the process of being evacuated and quarantined to contain an unspecified contagion..." Like you don't already know that means 'brains on toast' is the hip new breakfast trend. (via robotwisdom.) more inside
Unborn babies carry pollutants Unborn babies in the United States are soaking in a stew of chemicals, including mercury, gasoline byproducts and pesticides, according to a report released yesterday. . . "If ever we had proof that our nation's pollution laws aren't working, it's reading the list of industrial chemicals in the bodies of babies who have not yet lived outside the womb". . . more inside
Curious George: Traffic Tickets and Points I received two different traffic violations last year when I lived in NY and had a NY license. I live in CT and have a CT license now. If a NY driver gets a traffic ticket in other states and pleads guilty, the points that would go on an in-state license don't transfer. The driver can plead guilty, pay the fee, and go back home to NY. Since CT DMV is difficult to navigate, here are my questions: Does CT have a point penalty system for their in-state drivers? If so, what is CT's policy on transfer of points? How would the monkeys here approach this problem? Thanks in advance for any info!
Artefacts from the ancient kingdoms of Qataban, Himya, and Saba (biblical Sheba) Flash: click the picture on the right
After a tough week, heres some Friday Fun Launch gonzo from the cannon into the bucket o'water. 'tis fun me hearties!
Billy the Kid in Literature
Mashups! Something over 700 mashups available for your listening pleasure at goodblimey.com. Unfortunately, you can't leech 'em anymore, since the bandwidth was exceeded in a matter of days when they were available for download. Lots of good stuff here for a wide variety of tastes. Now if you'll excuse me, I must go dance around to Rockafeller Rocket Shack.
The Power of Nightmares , by Adam Curtis, is now available online. more inside
When it comes to winning or even making the shortlist of prizes in fiction, poetry, art, architecture and music, women fare poorly. Why? Are professional women artists less talented than their male colleagues or are women simply being denied equal opportunity? more inside
Picture Australia
A vast repository of digital images from a large number of libraries, archives, museums, galleries & universities. There are more than a million images accessible.
It all started with some spiderwebs. more inside
Database of inflight incidents (via FAA/NASDAC). Pilots and flight attendents can get immunity from FAA sanctions by filing an report. Colorful searching shows not just technical reports that help improve safety, but bizarre incidents involving nude sunbathers, drunk passengers, and crew falling asleep. (more) more inside
In 1895, Sven Hedin , a Swedish explorer inspired by tales of lost cities under the sand, trekked across China's forbidding Takla-makan desert (meaning Place Of No Return). He barely survived, and over half of his party perished, including his problematic guide, nicknamed Yollchi, the pointer of the way. The Takla-makan is the second largest desert in the world, but it may still be hard to find.
Marathon's Story. Huge, aging Mac nerds need only click on this link. Wow. "In addition to these questions is the question - who is communicating this message to us? The first line is typical of Leela "Your last mission was a success, but I have terrible news". The reference to your last mission is presumably the clearing of the Engineering Section of Pfhor to prevent them from detonating a bomb (Shake Before Using...). If you had successfully completed the earlier level "Bob-B-Q" you would have received the following message from Leela..."