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July 06, 2005

Ernest Lehman, RIP. Famed screenwriter and novelist, Ernest Lehman, K6DXK, has died at 89. more inside
Sin City Comic-to-Screen Comparisons I just rewatched Sin City last night and it reminded me of this site I saw before I was all mofiably enabled. more inside
Horrendous X-Ray of Snapped Spine - a miracle that the man survived to walk again. I promise you that this is not for the weak. This is why YOU WEAR A SEATBELT. BBC article, no gore, just concept. seen at Robot Wisdom
People Like Us at Optronica, National Film Theatre London, 22 July, 2005. PEOPLE LIKE US, aka Vicki Bennett, premieres her new show recontextualising sounds and images into a humorous yet sinister parody of Western culture. PLU MP3 downloads here and biography here. more inside
Curious George: Remote Calendar App? I'm looking for some kind of easily updatable, customizable, internet-based calendar to help with daily operations of a family-run resort. more inside
The primeTime sublime Community Orchestra (pTsCO): "It sounds like someone crammed a blender full of rabid dogs, distempered cats, lab-tested rats and shrieking women climbing high on chairs to avoid the conflagration at their feet; pushed the button for 'puree'; forgot to put the lid on; then sat down in front of the television, flipping through all the stations available from the best satellite dish as fast as their remote would allow with the volume turned up on their Dolby Surround Sound system while it all mixed together. And then recorded the entire fiasco and played it backwards, just for good measure." Yeah, that's it!
Imagine Casting How many times have you read an excellent novel or seen a great play, only to see it made into a film with some horrible actor portraying the main character? Or maybe even a great actor who was just "all wrong" for the part? Imagine Casting is your chance to choose the actors you think would be best in your favorite story and a forum for others to "cast" their votes. more inside
A real James Bond calls it quits. Vice Admiral James Bond Stockdale - Decorated vet, POW, Perot VP candidate, Epictetus scholar, Illinois native and all around tough motherfucker, died yesterday from complications related to Alzheimers. He was 81. more inside
News Just in! Bad luck Paris - London is the home of the 2012 Olympics!
Misery Children. more inside
Curious Editorial George: Help with business name! more inside
Curious George: Nutritional Supplements Hey all. I'm trying to gain a little weight right now. I am as Huey Lewis put it "I'm working out 'most everyday and watching what I eat". Anyway, the obvious need in this situation is to eat 2-3000 more calories/week to gain about a pound a week (of muscle, hopefully). I love cooking but I obviously need to exercise my smoothie skills (smoothie recipes within) to do this. Can anyone recommend a good shake/powder/protein substance? I've had some that taste great and others which taste horrible ands gummy. PLZ HELP! Whole foods staff are useless. more inside
Invisible Breed Products: Doggies in disguise!
Curious George: Hosting comparison I need some tech advice. I can usually work this stuff out, but in this case there are just to many variables, and I need youse monkeys bad! I've been working like a beast on all my projects of late, and my hosting service has ticked me off. more inside
Live 8: Discuss Everyone generally seems to assume it won't have any real effect on the G8. But then I thought, what if it does?