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June 28, 2005

Barbary Apes Run Wild on Gibraltar - Amusing NYTimes article about the last "free-range monkeys" in Europe
Is YOUR home planet warming up? Simply but this 300 trillion dollar ring around it! and all your troubles *should* go away.
Google Earth , formerly known as keyhole, available for free (~10 mb download) with basic (yet really nice) options. A bit of sightseeing here. via microsiervos
The Running of the Nudes, in which PETA asks Donald Rumsfeld to join "The Human Race."
Download music from around the world at Smithsonian Global Sound. I hope I don't come off like a shill for the site. It's like iTunes only with cultural music from around the world. 99 cents a song. Get some free samples here. Search by geographic area, or by instrument (like conch shell, or sumpotan).
But can they look up? Zombie dogs! For real! With sensationalist pic!
Curious George: Summer mix for a kid-musician? I've had to choose a bunch of tunes for an hyper-taleneted kid/11-year-old guitar student. Don't ask why and yes she is an 11-year-old nerd. If you had to fill a CD for a current musician-kid what would you use? My 18 tunes are below... I appreciate any additions and I am sure she will too. When she get's back from the cottage in September... more inside
Easy Drinking? Dudes, whisky doesn't have to be just for old folks anymore, and neither do you run the risk of affectation. I so totally want the smokey peaty one, though my taste test tells me I'm more likely to prefer the rich spicy one (so does this mean I should like my whisky how I like my men?) but sadly there are no stockists in my part of Cananananananada. Shame. Linkie originally found through BBC, is this cheating?
Goodbye Hola. Melita Norwood, revealed as a spy thanks to archives former KGB officer Vasili Mitrokhin brought with hime when he defected to the west in 1992, has died. Ms. Norwood was never prosecuted and remained proud of her actions.
Peter Jackson's King Kong trailer - giant monkey, etc. Quicktime.
a Million Ways to be Cruel [16.2 MB QuickTime file]
Curious George: buying a poker table My friend is getting married and I was thinking "wedding gift." more inside
It is time. more inside