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June 02, 2005

I never knew the internet had a phone number. I still have no idea what this service is actually for so if anyone figures it out, do tell.
Fassbinder would have been 60. While some consider it work unwatchable, others are utterly devoted to his work. The details of his life are possibly more famous than his films. more inside
MooK├╝ poems are Haiku poems using cheese and dairy as a metaphor for life. They are valued for the humor and insight they provide to site visitors.
Nice photo. Anil Dash slips one over on The Man: Goatse.cx, on his t-shirt, appears in the New York Times. The Internet, having achieved all of its goals, can close up shop now.
Bad news, indeed. And, oh goody, there's a movie coming out, too. In about a month, Karla Homolka will be set free. more inside
Photos of an unknown family from many years ago, who probably owned a liquor store which might or might not have been El Gaucho liquor in Huntington Beach, California. Just feast your eyes, people.
An old story, no boubt, but one which should put to rest the idea that close-knit communites in small town America aren't capable of producing some genuinely twisted individuals (if that idea is somehow still miraculously floating around out there.) more inside
It's cold & rainy: let's all take a personality defect quiz! After chasing this around the blogosphere for a while, I decided to take it myself, and it was, I am sorry to say, terribly accurate. I am a Starving Artist: full description inside. more inside
Suffering catfish! It took me all that time to get my dialup modem to work and this is what I end up finding on the web? more inside
Leroy Jenkins! Stupidly amusing even for people (like me) who don't play World of Warcraft. [wmv]