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May 25, 2005

"A regular lightsaber is normally used to attack someone but put the word 'rain' in front of it and you have an umbrella. Just an umbrella. All is not lost however, since sturdy umbrellas may also be used to attack man and beast when the occasion beckons." Via BoingBoing.
The Golden Record Now that Voyager I is about to hit interstellar space, it's a good time to take a look at the copper disc containing Earth's message to whomever discovers the spacecraft. Find a multimedia version (flash) here.
Lost! The last episode of the season airs this evening (at least in the USA). What do you think is going to happen on tonight's Lost? (possible spoilers within!) more inside
They are talking about us at MetaFilter again. They seem to do this a lot....
Lens five times thinner than paper developed Scientists at Canada's Universite Laval have invented a lens that is five times thinner than a piece of paper and can zoom without using mechanical parts. The lens is created by adding a small quantity of photosensitive material to a liquid crystal cell. When a weak electrical current is applied, the crystals realign differently from those in the periphery and thus take on the shape and behavior of a lens. more inside
Too Much Information The LiveJournal community where posters compare their stories of stools, scars, abcesses, menstrual mishaps, etc. in graphic detail with helpful pictures. Not for the easily squicked (that's "grossed out") but utterly captivating in a sick way.
CBGB - the famousinfamous NYC club that became a mecca of "punkdome" after providing spawing ground for countless bands - is about to lose it's legendary footing at 315 Bowery. more inside
Vibratory Bowl Feeder Technology.
Take your dog to work day is less than a month away. Oh no it isn't. more inside
A handy invention for all you butterfieldfingered Jedi Out There.
An unnerving last entry that, unknowingly, told who his murderer was. This is an unnerving last entry of a murdered blogger. Suspect has been caught and confessed, let's hope that justice prevails. Very creepy to read victims last post. Thanks to null terminated/mefi.
I hope I'm 1/2 as active when I get to her 'prime time'.
When I'm sixty-four.
More Christian Outreach Christian church proclaims what should be done with the Koran. I know, I know -- another nutty Christian post. more inside
oh my. that's embarassing. sorry. You don't want to look at the link below...you want to click on this one, instead...
Curious George: Amazon.com gift certificates. Is there any way to convert amazon credit to paypal or cold hard cash?
craptracker (make music and play music) more inside