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May 17, 2005

You No Longer Have Any Privacy Search yourself. Search your friends. Search your boss. Search your mom. The phrase, "I know where you live" just got a bit freakier. Via a story I heard on NPR just a bit ago. more inside
She's hitting him over the head with a bible An operations manager for Jack in the Box in Dallas was late for a meeting and called his boss to tell him he was running behind schedule. As he was leaving the voice mail message, he witnessed an accident and went on to provide "play by play" of the incident, including a man being beat over the head with a bible. Enjoy.
Belinda Stronach has jumped ship, crossed the floor, and abandoned the Canadian Conservative Party and joined the governing Liberals as a cabinet minister. Will Belinda be enough to keep her new found friends in power after Thursday's budget vote? Only David Kilgour and Chuck Cadman know for sure.
Dental Fear Central is (arguably) the most comprehensive dental phobia resource on the web. 100% non-profit, non-commercial, Dental Fear Central will allow you to link to all the major dental anxiety, fear and phobia sites on the world wide web, and much, much more! Packed with exciting features! Woo! And don't miss the forum!
High school teacher dissects live dog for students' benefit.
Weather and nature photos from weatherunderground.com. User submitted photos organized into categories and easily searchable. more inside
Wierd. Just wierd. This is perhaps the oddest news story I've ever read: A man found wandering the streets in Kent in a soaking wet suit has not said a word for over a month. But he turns out to be a virtuoso classical pianist. A telephone helpline to try and identify him has received hundreds of calls. (via Boing Boing)
Old time music (in the public domain)
Curious George: Silly questions Where to turn to? more inside
Gumby at 50 Five decades after Gumby first captured the world's imagination, the little green guy and his chums are starring in a new art exhibit - the first in a series of events to mark the 50th anniversary of the television icon's creation and launch his comeback.
<b>Curious George: Paypal Alternatives</b> There have been a few previous threads about PayPal's various sucking ways, but none of them revealed any better alternatives. Have any monkeys found ways of making online credit card transactions, for non-physical goods, that don't leave them wide open to fraudulent charge reversals? [More inside] more inside
Curious George: Simple cheap web hosting: Monkeys, monkeys, monkeys, I have a painfully simple question: I want very cheap web hosting with very simple needs to match. I want a non-scripting (only HTML), no database, no e-mail, with or without domain sale website. more inside
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