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April 15, 2005

Spell with flickr! Just a silly way to wittle away a Frday afternoon. Type in whatever and get a little photo montage spelling your word. F'rinstance: Monkeyfilter.
Mom's Cancer. This comic tells the story of the author/artist and his family as they face his mother's illness. The comic had been taken offline at the request of the publisher who'll be printing it. It's back online for a limited time as it's been nominated for an Eisner award. (Sorry, couldn't find a page listing the 2005 nominees.)
Somebody thought of the children The World's Children's Prize for the Rights of the Child is awarded to people or organisations that have made positive contributions to the lives of children. This year, the Global Friends Award is shared between Graca Machel, for her work with street kids in Mozambique and her fight for the right of girls to go to school, and Nelson Mandela for his work for equal rights for children in South Africa. The thing that sets the WCPRC apart from other major prizes is that the winner is chosen by children themselves - over 6 million kids in 9000 schools in 73 countries are involved with the awards. more inside
Kintana: an aye-aye [world's largest nocturnal primate] born/bred in captivity in February. He's so ugly , he's darn cute! more inside
Our Blood Lodges today are not usually a particular physical place but more an attitude of community that occurs whenever women come together in any Sacred Space to honor and celebrate our bleeding cycle. So, we make our womb-space wherever we meet -- a spare room in someone's house, in the basement of a local church or YWCA, or any private outdoor place where women can be safe and uninterrupted.
Ah, the Simurgh! who is this wondrous being? more inside
Nintendogs! [Website with video] Have a whole bunch o' puppies in the palm of your hand. Without the worry of pee. Japanese site with nice pics but slow video here.
A cycling tour of the Americas in search of strange food. Starting in May, Tom Kevill Davies will cycle around North and South America. His website asks people along the route to invite him on detours to sample whatever weird local food they can come up with. I do wonder what he's got planned for the Darien Gap? Some parts of the site require Flash. Link pinched from today's London Metro newspaper.
When did Australia become a police state?
When in doubt, throw it out The British may waste more food than any other nation, throwing out 30-40% of all the produce they buy and grow each year.
Muddled-up Posting George On the physics of posting: One thing that always gets to me is that i still can't remember off by heart the recipe for the html for links, all that stuff. Do monkeys have secret techniques to make the posting of links easier? The other thing that's difficult is finding out whether there's been any new comments on ancient threads that you're interested in. (I'll be darned if someone's going to get the last word in!) It would be nice if it showed me all new comments that have come up on all threads i've posted to?
Looks like Yahoo! News has a new beta version. It may look nice, but it only gives you headlines and it's not as customizable as others. At least it's got comics and photos.
Typographic George. I'm currently in the process of laying out my school's literary magazine. I've been basing my design templates and whatnot off of other literary magazines and publications I've studied, but what I really need is a comprehensive resource to help me give this magazine a well-structured, innovative, visually pleasing layout. I'm sure there are monkeys out there who do this stuff for a living; does anyone know of anything online (or off, I guess) that could help me out? more inside