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April 10, 2005

Hair comes, there goes, Slickville! Where manly, glop-laden hair-styles of the 1950s will leave you gasping![via Eye of the Goof] Pile your scalp-pelt into a pompadour! more inside
The Legend of Sasquatch Mountain is a Flash piece by Larry Carlson very reminiscent of an LSD trip.. at least, one in which the practitioner has imbibed an 'heroic dose'. more inside
Noises made by radiator equals art
The worst outbreak of the Marburg virus is happening in Angola. With a mortality rate of 80-90% that should only be 25%, more inside
Piggyback ride takes on a whole new meaning.
This led me to wonder: What is the strangest roommate experience you've ever had? more inside
The Sasquatch Information Society and the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization. Each group has a sightings database. more inside
Brand Bethany Hamilton Remember the 13 year old surfer girl who got her arm ripped off by a shark? Pretty sad story...but things improved pretty quickly. Turns out her tragedy made her a perfect media personality and cash cow, and now the industry sharks are circling. Bethany has a best selling book, a movie deal (think 'Blue Crush' meets 'Rocky' meets 'Chariots of Fire'), and a line of perfumes that "capture the smell of the ocean". Wonder if they capture the smell of blood in the ocean? (ouch, sorry, that's mean). Oh yeah, and she also discovered Jesus Christ. more inside