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April 06, 2005

The Cardinal Ratzinger Fan Club No one expects the Spanish Inquisition Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith t-shirts. Top ex-papal aide and noted mastermind of currant Vatican thought Cardinal Ratzinger has a posse with official merchandise. The best motto: "Putting the smackdown on heresy since 1981".
Finally! Your one-stop elk shop for elk meat gift boxes as well as elk antler kaleidoscopes and elk antler money clips. Thank God.
<b>Curious George: Finding An Artist</b> Presently attempting two projects that need artists (or drawerers, if you will) but having a dickens of a time finding some. more inside
What is it with these oddly disturbing new Burger King adverts? There's the one linked above, and the one with the dog. I don't know what it is but these adverts frighten me in a kind of primal, childhood-nightmare fashion. more inside
The emotional final scene from Seven. Performed by stuffed animals. more inside
Partenia is a small, deserted region of Algeria. Ten years ago, Jacques Gaillot, the Bishop of Evreux, was summoned to the Vatican and told that as a result of his progressive political activities, he was to be transferred to the diocese of Partenia: a kind of euphemism for being sacked. Undaunted, the Bishop extended his diocese into cyberspace in the form of a multi-lingual web-site, where it recently celebrated its first ten years. Includes the history of Partenia.
When bad things get worse. Botched executions.
A Yak Thread Yaks are very interesting animals, they are a woolly form of wild ox or something, and appear to wear very large brown shag pile rugs. more inside
Curious George: Who wants my child? I'm using up my infinite Curious George quota lately: my dear son drew on our concrete driveway with permanent marker today. Any idea how to get it off, shy of waterblasting? It's one of those coloured-concrete dealies and I think waterblasting it would probably be bad.
We are going to play at least one game. If drinking, you have rolled a six. more inside
Author Saul Bellow died at his home yesterday at the age of 89. (WP link, reg. may be required)
Curious Jorge - I'm moving to LA in August, and I'm looking for good places to live... more inside