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March 07, 2005

Using bumptunes and the Powerbook's new accelerometer to control iTunes playback. This just smacks of the future. And man, If I love anything, It's the future. [Via: Kottke.org] more inside
bicycle problems Any monkeys good with the spanner and know a bit about bicycles. I have a problem that needs urgent fixing to prevent me from going over the handlebars a second time. more inside
Curious George: Auto repair/service shop forums? (more inside) more inside
More Munch Stolen Poor Edvard Munch. Not only have "Skrik" and "Madonna" been stolen, but his headhead was sawn off, only to be returned, and now, this. more inside
Work out your sleep rhythm
Good god, there's YEARS of this stuff...
I love t-shirts - especially hunting down and buying clever ones online. Anyone have any cool, cheap online stores they'd like to share? 'Cause I do. more inside
Life Just Got Easierâ„¢ And Soylent Green is people. (video) Spotted at Collision Detection.
In case you've never heard of cafepress.... Seeking alternatives to the site, please. more inside
Schwarzenegger wants to ban junk foods in schools. I for one applaud Mr. Negger's efforts. Some people might say that although you can take the fat, obnoxious, talentless child out of the junk food aisle, you can't take the junk food aisle out of the fat, obnoxious, talentless child. To that I say: cock and bosh. It's really nice to see someone standing up to the better interests of children, even if we do dislike them on some level.
We all need a theme tune. 698 free to download and use soundtracks in mp3 and aac, from the Aggressive/Driving through to Grand/Heroic.. What's your theme tune? I baggsy this one (mp3 stream).