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February 06, 2005

My addicted son. A father's story in the NY Times Magazine about dealing with his son's crystal methamphetamine addiction. more inside
New York Street Chalk Artists.
Someday a real rain will come and wash all this art off the streets.
Body Worlds is unlike any exhibition that has ever come before. It explores bodily performance at a depth never before possible on such a comprehensive scale. Thanks to the breakthrough process of plastination, more than 200 real human specimens are displayed to reveal an extraordinary new look inside the human body. more inside
2 days 17 hours until Ellen Macarthur breaks the solo round-the-world non-stop multihull sailing record. A national hero in the UK, worshipped in France, she's gone 26,933 miles as I type this. Here's the live data from the boat. Go! Go!
DO YOU LOVE COSTCO AS MUCH AS I DO? Ok Monkies, Your task is this: Find the most amusing, interesting, or bizarre internet personals you can. And then post them in here. more inside
Meet Pando. Older than a sequoia or bristlecone pine, it’s not just the oldest, but the largest. Pando -- which means "I spread" in Latin -- is the perfect name for a stand of quaking aspen -- nominated a few ago as Earth's most massive living individual. In the Wasatch Mountains of Utah, Pando weighs about six million kilograms, or 13 million pounds. It, or should I say he, has upwards of 47,000 stems -- that's 47,000 of what you and I might mistakenly perceive as separate aspen trees making up the Fishlake National Forest. more inside
Prince Harry Speaks "Since all of that fuss regarding my wearing a swastika armband at a recent costume affair, I�ve decided to keep this sensitivity journal, charting my increasing awareness of the feelings of others, especially those of different races, religions, and smells."
A new documentary premering on Monday on The Sundance Channel explores the theory that AIDS was a byproduct of the 1950's mass polio innoculations, which were supposedly contaminated by viruses which came from African chimpanzees. This theory first appeared in 1992 in The Lancet and Rolling Stone, of all places, and was later fleshed out in a 1999 book. more inside
The 2 headed dog! more inside
Dolphin's making vortex rings of air for fun. Young dolphins Tinkerbell and Maui make rings of vortex air that hover in the water. They play with them, get excited about them, and one has taught the other how to do it. See additional photos here. It is truly quite amazing. The 'rings of air' look like silver and due to the vortex do NOT rise to the surface.
Degrassi + Kevin Smith = Messed Pants. If you live in Canada, you're smack dab in the middle of a three-parter of Canada's highest rated television series, Degrassi: the Next Generation, which features Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes, and even Alanis Morissette, who have all captured our hearts as the stars of Clerks and its many award winning sequels. In the three-part story arc, Jay and Silent Bob are introduced to the series as directors looking for locations to shoot their new film, called Jay and Silent Bob Go Canadian, Eh? and they get into wacky hijinks with the characters of the middle school drama series. Rumor has it Smith has wild fat man sex with Caitlyn Ryan from Degrassi High. More info at Kevin Smith's website. Shit, this is awesome. more inside