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September 30, 2004

Curious George: US Elections ****Curious MonkeySlayer**** Does anyone know what would happen if no one in america votes on Election day? (sorry don't know how to make the letters gray)
Mount St. Helens is restless and has become an item of regional interest: Scientists warn that a small or moderate blast could spew ash and rock as far as three miles from the crater around Mount St. Helens in the next few days. Keep tabs on the mountain with the USFS webcam. Pick Wikipedia for an encapsulation or fatten up with 488 Slashdot comments.
"Michael Moore actually used footage of the Pentagon in flames as a sight gag," said Ms. Burlingame, a founder of a group of relatives of Sept. 11 victims who are supporting Mr. Bush. "It was really hard to sit there in the theater listening to people laugh at that scene knowing my brother was on that plane. I wish more people would see this film instead." Am I the only one that doesn't remember this scene? The Pentagon, in flames, as a sight gag? I call BS on Ms. Burlingame! more inside
If the future had a soundtrack... A nice collection of live performances by the band Underworld. For the true Multimedia Experience™ be sure to check out a few of their other projects: a visual design company, a typygraphic journal , and a Japanese PlayStation game?
Han Vs Greedo
A Virtuoso and His Technology. Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Project. [Via WorldChanging.]
KINGDA KA: The Rollercoaster of tomorrow!...or next spring...OH! this ride is so fast it'll make you feel weightless... that is, of course, if you manage to not have a massive heart attack after climbing 456' at 130MPH, and it's subsequent drop... I think this borders on sado-masochism... and I liiiiiiiike it! and it's in MY state! yay! (finally something good about NJ)
Eggs with lighter yolks. It's not the most earth shattering FPP, but I had to share this with you. Another pic. Another Last one. Unfortunately I couldn't locate a legitimate story, but here's the company's home page. (in Japanese)
Compressed, then rarefied, George. Let's talk bass. Subwoofers. You need them. more inside
Where's George? No, not that George. I received a $10 bill in change at the gas station yesterday that had I'm registered with www.wheresgeorge.com stamped on it in red letters. Lo and behold, I can find out where else my bill has been! more inside
DDR Fanfiction - Who needs a dance pad to get hot? more inside
Zinnia Cyclamen's blog describes her as a "non-religious funeral celebrant"--meaning she conducts memorial services for people who don't want a religious ceremony. It features darkly funny and touching tales about human beings trying to cope with a welter of conflicting emotions.
State Of Flux - I had been having a conversation with a guy from Melbourne a while back and he mentioned that he was in the process of
Your Zep: Buy it or Build it? My wife pointed out that Nieman-Marcus has kindly made the opportunity to own a Zeppelin NT available to the, er, masses. Others, however, offer more modest means to airship ownership. more inside
roll stability "... The X-15's maximum altitude was extended to 354 200 feet, but not until after much trial and error..." more inside
god vs. bush
According to rules set by the candidates themselves... The Great Debate: Kennedy, Nixon, and Television in the 1960 Race for the Presidency. Real Audio (7MB, 58 minutes) and text transcripts of the first debate here. I am unable to view the documentaries here but maybe it's just me. Sorry for all the Real media.
Your attention please Warning -- contains jazz lite.
Double Package Post Time again for a MonkeyFilter Double Package Post. more inside
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