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April 30, 2004

<b>Curious George: Usernames</b> This recent derail got me thinking...what's the story behind your MoFi username? What does it mean? (I know some monkeys have it all explained in their profile...but nobody reads those things)
Best use of Kung Fu ever Fun video for Friday (Quicktime) more inside
CAFTA - The Trojan Calf The year is 2030 AD, somewhere in Central America: Luis: "Grandma, tell me a story." Grandma: "Which one?" Luis: "Tell the one about the trojan calf." Grandma: "Ah, si, CAFTA, the Trojan Calf. This story is muy importante Luis. This is the story of how things came to be as they now are." Requires Flash.
Remember when the French made that baby sing?

Jordy sang "Dur Dur D'
Mayor Curley plays in the big leagues. He's a BIG LEAGUE PLAYA!
Just a little chaos at the airport. (NSFW, unless you have headphones). An oldie but a goodie. more inside
Race and Religion in USA.
Vote Coggeshell The issues: 1. End Affirmative Action. 2. Close the Borders now. 3. Deport all illegal immigrants now. 4. Eliminate bilingual education in all states. 5. Require health tests for all recent foreign born immigrants. 6. Make tax cuts permanent. 7. Reduce the number of Federal Employees. 8. Tort Reform - Stop Class Action Lawyers Oh, and this. (via memepool)
Perc-a-pops. i want raspberry.
Tired of sending flowers or balloons for birthdays? Now you can send a cake! Cakes Across America! Yum!
"Goodbye, Bob." After 30 years, National Public Radio's Bob Edwards leaves as anchor. Efforts to save his job haven't worked, despite Monkey, and other, outrage. more inside
''Gadzooks!'' he exclaimed on seeing the work in progress. ''Why have you given me a great schonk?'' Other works by Stuart Pearson found here
Nuclear Weapon Archive. Perhaps one of the best nuclear weapons pages I've found to date. The photo gallery pages are full of nuclear explosion photos: give Ivy, Redwing, and Hardtack a try, or head straight to their wallpaper-sized images. Read their nuke FAQ. Interesting stuff.
Ladies and Gentlemen, start your livers! Tomorrow is National Homebrew Day and to honor what should be, after Oktoberfest, one of our premiere national holidays, homebrewers from across the nation will be taking part in the Big Brew. more inside
High Culture from the BBC. Not sure what Lord Reith would have thought, but it's all in a good cause.
War of words . Terry Jones, of Monty Phyton fame, writes about "coalition forces", "rebels", "civilians" and other words commonly used in the Iraq "adventure".

The follow-up to the fabulous
Curious George: What's cookin'? In my family (and yes, I consider y'all part of my extended family), we exchange recipes. What'cha got? I'm hungry. more inside
The world's highest Maypole has been stolen! On the eve of May Day, the vile thieves want beer as ransom. more inside
Make the Pie Higher Bush is a poet. I bet he didn't even know it! Well theres where my poetry ability ends. But George W's statements certainly make an amusing poem.
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