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December 30, 2004

Cool Tools No, not just your standard tools, as in a monkey wrench. Tools for life in general. The site is run by Kevin Kelly, but the cool tools are reviews and suggestions on 'tools' people have found in life that they just can't live without. On the main link, look to the left for the list of sub-catagories, including (but not limited to), my favs: General Purpose Tools, Computers and Consumptivity. I have spent hours on this site. Best of the web, IM*very*HO.
Curious George: Updated to Mac OS 10.3.7, lost net access I hope someone can help me out. I have an iBook G3/600Mhz and up until about an hour ago was running 10.3.5. I just got finished updating to 10.3.7 (using the Software Update in the Control Panels) and after the required reboot I now can't connect to the internet. more inside
A chat with Sloncek of the infamous suprnova bittorent tracker farm. more inside
A year of Getting Things Done Part One and Part Two: Merlin Mann, of the 43 Folders blog reviews a year of living with the new geek religion, the Getting Things Done methodology. I'm right there with him: GTD has made such a difference to my own work. But do you, my monkey chums, have any other productivity tips? Is there something we should all be doing in 2005 that will help us be both Monkeys of Action, as well as Monkeys of Letters? Share your secrets within...
Urgent Curious George Help! I just got a message that a co-worker's relative died. Said co-worker is usually here by now but isn't today, and could get here at any time. Do I just leave the phone number for him to call? Do I approach him when he comes in and brace him for bad news/tell him outright? I have no clue what to do. Help NOW please!
Adopt a missing person.
Curious George: New Years Eve. A four-part question: (1) What are you doing this year? (2) What was your best NYE? (3) Worst? (4) Who are you planning on tongue-pashing inappropriately this year? more inside
Germany's commitment to sustainable energies makes it home to the world's largest solar energy plant. "This is part of our commitment as a government, to make Germany the world leader in alternative energy and in taking action against global warming." It is now the No. 1 world producer of wind energy. Germany offers more aggressive incentives to install solar. more inside
Curious George - Are there any buddhists in the hiz-zouse? We've had a poll about our sexuality, our food likes and dislikes, pets, hell, just about every damn thing. I'm a semi-practicing (meaning I rarely meditate anymore) zen buddhist (Japanese Soto/Rinzi lineage) and was wondering if there are any other monkey-mind buddhists out there?
Rez soundtrack. more inside
Curious George: Bronchitis remedies for those without insurance (am sure I'm not the only one)(more inside). more inside