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December 05, 2004

Formula 1 as interpreted by chipmunks (Flash). Ye can almost smell the burning rubber.
Wondering Monkey: I run part of a small website devoted to information useful to students attending my (northeast art) school. Specifically, I have been charged with the task of writing new and entertaining polls to draw people into the site. To give you an idea of what I mean, look here. I was just wondering if any helpful apes had any ideas for an entertaining or interesting poll I could use.
Tunes: Wired/Creative Commons have released 16 mp3s from artists like David Byrne, Danger Mouse and Gilberto Gil... with no strings attached, do what thou wilt. Caveat: server is a bit slow going. "These musicians are saying that true creativity needs to be open, fluid, and alive. When it comes to copyright, they are pro-choice. Here are 16 songs that encourage people to play with their tunes, not just play them."
Curious George: Budget help The recent thread on debt has made me look at my budget more closely. And realize all is not well in Denmark. more inside
Becker and Posner Conquer the Blogosphere: Gary Becker, a Nobel prize winning economist, and Richard Posner, a prolific author and influential federal judge, launch their blog today.
West Coast Whiskeys A cool little article in the LA Times that details a renaissance of whiskey making here in California. Thought that my drinky-monkeys would find it of interest.
Wrath of the Gods! - you are God, and you must punish mankind. Destroy mortals with increasing levels of abilities. Crush the mortals, see them driven before you, hear the lamentation of the women, then crush them too. Also cows and sheep. Moo. This is a FLASH game.
Christianity and BDSM. Quite SFW from an images point of view; there are none. Lots of text and discussions, and the URL is a little racy but there you go. Not much to discuss really, just thought you'd all like to know that the site exists. more inside
Insomnious, George: Although it was touched on here, i'm sitting up at 2:31 AM on a Monday, getting up for work in 5 hours, and wondering what the hell i'm doing... Are there any sure fire monkey cures for sleeplessness?
The Wonderfully Absurd Temple Buddhism meets modernism in uptown Taibei. Old but still good. more inside
Advent Calendar - 25 days of surprises [flash]
HIV testing to become mandatory for couples in Singapore. more inside
Life-saving Oreo. For sale. Q: Has he licked the filling out yet?
Just Say No To Drug Reps.
Quite Possibly the First Time the Word "Blog" was Used in Comics The year was 1959 and Blog was a cave dweller with a thing for Lois Lane. more inside
Dubya: The Movie Things around Mayberry were never the same once one of their own was elected President.
Florida Holiday Monkey Meetup Melinika and I were chatting on #mofirc about December meetup action around the weekend of the 18th. more inside