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November 26, 2004

Curious George: Elections amid Terror I'm curious why the administration is so gung-ho for the Iraq elections amid the increasing (uncontrolled?) terror and war. While here in the U.S., there was talk of delaying the elections at the mere rumor of a terror attack.
Joe Cartoon shows how to spank a monkey I had been a while since I had seen this, so I watched it again and promptly shot Coke through my nose all over my keyboard. If you aren't familiar with Joe Cartoon, you should go check this out, as well as the Gerbil and Supahfly cartoons. I can't get it to link to specific cartoons, so you'll have to select the orange dot marked CARTOONS to get the menu. (Select the dot above SITE MAP to be called out very specifically.) Not remotely safe for work, PETA, those easily offended, with adversion to Flash cartoons, normally hidden body parts, splattered gore, coarse language, or lacking a sophomoric and/or twisted sense of humor.
Stripper Shortage Rumours not True According to experts the rumours aren't true, Canada does NOT have a stripper shortage. *phew* I was worried there for a moment...
Happy National Flossing Day! Overseas monkeys may quietly observe as we Yanks clean our teeth after our big turkey day. And don't miss the Floss & Food Art, featuring flossing frogs.
Shoot the Deer (or the nanny) from the comfort of your computer! kinda re-defines the whole "Point and click" business...
(NSFW): Keita Girls It all started as a joke, but I took in almost all my shootings a picture of the model with a Keitai (a Japanese cell phone)... more inside
The Index of Expressions & Sayings - Ever pondered the origin of common expressions and sayings that crop up in regular conversation? Are you a word-addict? Enjoy language? Asperger's Syndrome person who collects obscure data? Time waster looking for a way to waste time? Then this is certainly a good site to peruse. Via the 'I'm sorting my bookmarks' division of Nostril enterprises
Curious George: Food you seek out What foods or drinks do you "always" try at restaurants, giving it yet another chance? I'm talking about the kind of food which isn't that great a lot of the time, but when it is "on", it totally rules your mouth. more inside
Fear our Democracy! The Citizens' Assembly on Electoral Reform in British Columbia is poised to make a historic recommendation to the people of this province that may well bring fairness and proportionality to our Legislative Assembly. On May 17, 2005 voters will participate in a referendum asking whether we should drop our First Past the Post electoral system for the Single Transferable Vote. [warning: last link flash w/ no load indicator]
Meet James Ensor Much, much more inside. more inside
Grime and Violence so solid crew MC, Megaman has been charged with murder follwing a shooting in Tooting. Has Grime's gun talk spilled into the streets? more inside
Robots!! The unofficial Lightning Bolt game. If you don't know, you shouldn't ask.