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November 25, 2004

Fundo Wackjobs + UFO Wingnuts = teh funnay - The Watcher Files. Exposing human reptilians, aliens, secret government, black projects, new world order. Crazy-ass bullshit alert. Amusing, in a bitter, cynical kind of way. Or something. Via Bifurcated Rivets more inside
The Roman Empire site. (Very slow T-Day postings here so I figured I'd pull something out of my hat). We've all heard about the orgiastic depravity of Caligula. Nero started out full of virtue and good heart, but eventually decided to start killing his kin (meanwhile placing himself in national talent shows!) Carinus had nine wives, and Elagabalus was a spitting image of Caligula. A good place to explore how far power corrupts. There's also more mundane info such as monuments, images, and more. more inside
Curious Armchair Travelling George Where do you live? more inside
The Institute for Creation Research , a San Diego-based "Christ focused Creation ministry where science and the Bible are fully integrated." Check out their graduate school.
MoFi London Meetup 3 Hey sexy baby. Why don't we get together one night before Xmas, huh? Maybe have a nice meal, a couple schnapps - hey, we could even go dancin' or something. You'd like that, huh sexy baby? Ooooh yeah.
Studious George; in which you became an expert... you have ten years and a million bucks to become an expert at something. You may audit any classes in any University on earth in your chosen field free of charge. Use the money for books, research, materials, trips abroad. At the end of the ten years, write a book about the experience. What would you study? What do you call your book?
Emperor Norton is smiling This is a prototype index to San Francisco History. Please feel free to give us your comments and/or add to this index. Note that some fields are related to place and historical markers
sketchy animation (needs Flash, I think)
Curious George: What are you thankful for? more inside
Pentagon report says US losing the war for hearts and minds Well DUH, but it is gratifying seeing something sensible coming out of the Pentagon
Chattering with monkeys is possible finds Dr. Atsushi Iriki. more inside
anal massage curiosity: something i was going to add here but i thought to ask (sorry, if i'm abusing posting rights) applying to that thread (both in interest of humor and info): more inside
LA MoFi/MeFi Meetup! Now, with burgers. Friday, November 26 - 6 pm. Meet at Irv's Burgers in West Hollywood. more inside
Thanks for choosing choices : our golem beat me to posting next to the last post thematically to the eye, but it seemed timely for me to post this UScentric link opportunity to thank planned parenthood (no matter your personal position)-- more inside
What Is Too Human? The ethics of human/animal chimeras.