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November 08, 2004

java applet chess game that depicts piece range and possible move outcomes. this is very cool in a chess club/ai/geeky sort of way. more inside
Jeremiah- a virtual face Richard Bowden has created a virtual human face that can "see" and interect with people and its environment. more inside
THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE SHAT: It is our aim through recruiting, coercing, hypnotism and blackmail, to encourage members of the public such as your good selves here, to join with us and celebrate the delights and mysticism of entertainment legend William Shatner. For he is recognised as the One True Shatner-Being. He is more than just a fabulous actor… he’s more than just a great singer… he’s more than just an award winning novelist… He is a way of being. He is an incarnation of pure spiritual energy. He is the personification of perfection. He is irresistible to women - and for this, we worship him so! He is the Shatner-Lord. Praise be the Acting Deity! Oh perchance to gaze at his Rotund Hairless Belly! "SHAT-ELLULAH!"
This makes me proud to be an American. Where else can you enjoy your civil liberty of flipping everyone off.... ahhh... America! more inside
Curious George: MoFi CD Swap playlists? As someone who wanted to participate in the CD swap, but didn't have the chance/means to, and also someone who wants to know about new music/what other monkeys are listening to, I was wondering if the people that did participate could post the tracklists here. Reviews of tracks optional, but welcome. more inside
America Apologizes
Preserving the Inuit language. Now Inuit speakers can create websites, make online payments, and manage documents online in their native language.
Curious George: Detriot Metro Area Meetup? I've noticed that there are a number of people in the Detroit/Ann Arbor area. Meetup anyone? more inside
What is killing Arafat? The Jerusalem NewsWire claims that Arafat is dying from AIDS, due to his blotchy skin, weight loss, immune system troubles and mental troubles. The cause, unsurprisingly, is "perverted encounters" of the homosexual kind (provided by his former Romanian communist allies). (via towleroad.)
themakeupgallery is "the best photo-gallery on the Web featuring actresses in character and prosthetic makeups by some of the best makeup artists."
Composer, typographer, flash programmer.
coke get's rid of pests Well, at least the pesticides in Coke and Pepsi are good for something. What pests would you use these fizzy drinks to get rid of?
Scopitones! A Scopitone is a "film jukebox" invented in France (where else?) in the 1960's - Scopitone is also the name for the "videos" played on it. Check out the Scopitone archive. And if you think Elaine Benes' dancing is awful, check out Neil Sedaka's moves. more inside
"...no no, bad management is not the reason why airlines are going broke, the reason is fat people" yeah, they've actually said it...and this time, apparently, they have scientific "proof" to back their claims. UGH! *%^$%^%%$#@#!! a-holes! honestly, what's next? Dear passengers, this plane is a "haute couture" only environment
The Teeth. Just say no to politics: Here are some local bands that have MP3s on the web, and that I think deserve more notice. Who are your local bands? more inside
A new old space dust trail, visible from Europe tonight. The earth will pass through a thousand-year-old dust stream tonight (8 Nov), making a Leonid display possible just before midnight UTC. Europe only, really. more inside
John Lydon's Biography There was a time when I was younger that I thought John Lydon(Johnny Rotten) was everything that was right with music. After visiting his site and reading his bio posted there I now see that he is everything that is wrong with music. His bio reads like an informercial, after reading it you would think the man had cured polio and redefined all music for the last 30 years. Punk's not dead!!! (it's just hiding from johnny)
Michael Moore advises Democrats against suicide. more inside
curious George When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? more inside
Curious George: Is the U.S. Government Unique? Because of the recent elections, I've been wondering how foreigners view the American government system. Do we do things differently here? Or is all pretty much the same? more inside