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October 31, 2004

Ed Wood's Necromania! [NSFW] Fleshbot has released a DVD of Necromania, Ed Wood's (of Plan 9 fame) long lost porn film.
From New Age to Abu Ghraib: "Perhaps this is the way it happened: in the late 1970s Jim Channon, traumatised from Vietnam, sought solace in the emerging human potential movement of California. He took his ideas back into the army and they struck a chord with the top brass who had never before seen themselves as New Age, but in their post-Vietnam funk it all made sense to them. Then, over the decades that followed, the army, being what it is, recovered its strength and saw that some of the ideas contained within Jim's manual could be used to shatter people rather than heal them. Those are the ideas that live on in the war on terror" more inside
Viewropa Yes, yes, I know it's my second post, but the launch of a moderated European community weblog is really something to spread the word about. Viewropa has launched today.
Let's get ready to cash in
Buffer Enterprises, Inc. now offers a cash bonus to those who report a corroborated unauthorized use [resulting in an actual recovery] of the "Let's Get Ready to Rumble,"® “Get Ready To Rumble”® or "Ready to Rumble"® servicemarked phrases ,any paraphrasing of these marks (including “Get Ready To Crumble,”® “Are Your Ready To Rumble?”™ “Let’s Get Ready To Gamble”™)
My suggestion: let's get ready to "misuse" the phrases, then give each other up. more inside
Film Synopses for the Impatient Because, really, you shouldn't have to devote 10 bucks and 2 hours to the latest cinematic re-tooling of Three's Company by the pop-culture garbage compactor which is Hollywood.
Capitol Anti-Kerry March Cancelled
"Stand Down - I have been asked by the highest authorities (No -- I will not expound) to not hold this Rally." more inside
Claim to Fame How many degrees of seperation are you from fame? Details, tidbits, gossip...spill it, people. more inside
The United States Drug Enforcement Agency Photo Library: So many pills, so little time.
The Banshee and The Devil's Tramping Ground are two of my perennial favorite Halloween Flash pieces. The wind howling outside my window adds to the eerie goodness. Happy Halloween! more inside
Early Voter Arrested for Wearing Early Costume more inside
Art by Radar
Curious George - Online bookies. I want to place a bet on Kerry winning the election. But I've never bet on anything before, and the online bookies I've been finding that are running books on the US election are a bit initimidating and confusing. more inside
Curious George: Is there a special event on Tuesday? Should I hold a party for USian friends? more inside