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October 14, 2004

Howard Dean Yahoo!s - Good to see he's a good sport about it.
Curious Jorge: I might have strep throat but I'm not sure yet, as I just found out the throat culture I took yesterday won't be coming back until tomorrow sometime. Now, my question to you is this: what can I do in the meantime given that I am weak, largely bedridden and have trouble eating? Please give me a list of diversions, online and off which can help pass the time.
Desktop Google Search Monkeys, what we all have been waiting for: Google in the desktop, although privacy advocates are already in arms, because of the hazy concepts that the privacy policy mention. More of that "don't be evil" soft stuff. The current beta edition is actually very limited, focusing on MSFT products and platform. Not word yet on Eudora, for example, or whether we are going to be able to see a history of pages visited with Mozilla. If you live in a Windows environment, and like to experiment with the contents of your hard drive, you might want to give it a go. It only needs either Windows XP or 200, and half a Giga in your drive. No bananas, though.
It's up to EVERY american to elect president....but not really. hmmm....the Electoral College, their case in the 2000 race (Gore vs. Bush) and why oh why this time around their vote may count more than ever...
A page devoted to the intangible allure of smokers in film.
Say it with bleach . My artistic daughters are going to go nuts over this. more inside
NaNoMoWriMoNoMoJoJoJo Whatever it's called, it's that time of the year again (hence this double post). more inside
Curious, George: conspiracy theories? and how convoluted do people have to get before losing the point (and the audience) in the "chase"? examples? let's leave the old saws alone unless they've been sharpened: what new "theories" are good/interesting, at least to bring on the funny if not feeding inquiring minds? tell me a story lie to me well don't waste our time in this mutual hell
A hella long time ago, the first version of Mosaic Netscape was unleashed onto the world. You can still check for compatibility with older releases, read bombastic news releases, check where the pioneers are at. You can also remember the first browser war or help win the second.
Barney breaks it down West Side style
Drugs in Baghdad "...was asking me whether it was true or not that people in Iraq were becoming addicted to valium and whether valium was easily available over the counter." Wed, Oct 13, 2004 entry.
Curious George: hair dye... I want to dye my hair for a short period of time (probably up to 48 hours max) but all of the one-wash temporary dyes I've been seeing rub off very easily or run out whenever you sweat (which I can say, having firsthand experience, is disgusting). My friend says I should just use a semipermanent dye and then go at it with bar soap and heavy-duty shampoo for a while to get it out; is that even possible, especially with darker colors? Is there a way, whether it be a specific brand or general method, to avoid all this?
Curious George: The "good" side of town? Moneyjane's question about the bad side of town got me to thinking: is there any such thing as a "good" side of town anymore? more inside
I want one.
The Lucky Pierre SwearLine
Fabulous Audio but NSFW (surprise!). The Transcripts are hysterical too.
Devoter - support this new blog. A politics oriented community weblog. more inside
I Wonder If He Asked Her to Touch His "No-Spin Zone" [via] The Bill O'Reilly sex scandal. Here's a news article about it. I have no idea whether any of it is true, but it sure makes for good reading.
The 3rd and Final Debate Once again, I guess I will be the one to post this. Let's post the running commentaries here.
Dangerous George...Why does it seem that the east side of town is the bad side of town? It's like that here in Vancouver (East Van, Downtown Eastside) and I can think of New York's Lower East Side, London's East End, East L.A., Montreal's East End, I can think of a few southerly bad parts; South Philly, and the Southside of Chicago (is it still bad?) but am drawing a blank on north and west. Now that I think of it, west seems to be the posh part in a lot of places - London, Manhattan, and Vancouver. What's the bad part of your town, and what side of town is it on?
Good Books! Curious GeorgeL Good Books!For the first time in a long while I've found myself with the opportunity to catch up on some reading. I am tackling the large and nebulous field of 'good books I really should have read by now but haven't.' So…suggestions? more inside