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October 11, 2004

Courteous George...I'm wondering about the correct form for linking to another's blog. Does one email first and ask? Or just go ahead and link?
Sims Abuse One very twisted Sims player decided to drive her Sims mad, mad, MAD I tell you! (via BoingBoing)
"I don't see how you can lead this country in a time of war, in a time of uncertainty, if you change your mind because of politics." "..." "Well, okay, on second thought, maybe I can."
People Are Human-Bacteria Hybrids.
The Goodwill Diary Need to procrastinate? Here's your answer.
62 TV Stations in Swing States will air Anti-Kerry Film Sinclair Media (the ones who pre-empted the Nightline tribute to the soldiers who died in Iraq because it was a "political statement") are pre-empting local programming to air "Stolen Honor", the anti-Kerry swift-boatish documentary. Remember when we used to demand fairness from our news sources? more inside
Speaking of high gas prices...how does 70MPG sound? I'd say it sounds pretty damn good...and on top of that, you get a car that everyone will want to hug AND on top of THAT you can chage colors to fit your moods, park anywhere, and be able to go onto hover mode to fly over traffic (ok, not really) but it seems pretty cool! I'm so getting me one.
Curious George-Gas Prices Does it seem to you as it does to me that gas prices aren't as high as they should be? Are they being kept artificially low for political purposes? more inside
The Socks! I found them!
Gallery of misused "quotation marks". Kinda like that "K" for "Kountry" flair, quotes for emphasis has been one of my pet peeves, probably ever since I got a recipe from my sister titled Grandma's "Brownies". Sometimes I wonder how people can be so blinded to their double-entendres. Evan Davies' site is not that new and has been around the block, but the humorous examples still ring true.
Hey, nice package! - The American Package Museum. Packaging, wrapping, containers, the box, the packet. Dig?
Superman is dead Breaking news filter, but it's just been announced that Christopher Reeve has died.
Mother, do you think they'll drop the bomb? From the This Can't Possibly Be True But One Can Hope Against Hope, Can't One? department: Pink Floyd to reunite and tour, says British magazine. more inside
Some people see the news spatially. Here's another newsmap based on Google News, while this one graphs the most emailed photos from Yahoo News.
Lyrical, George: Monkey Music Monday Madness! Grime (Warning! 2x large mp3s), a groundswell of tech-savvy, "urban" music producers, centered in East London (where it's called Grime) and South London (Dubstep). Since the release of Dizzee Rascal's Boy In Da Corner Grime blew up worldwide throughout 2003, with its blend of heavy square-wave basslines, hardcore drums, mobile phone ringtones, and manic mc'ing. more inside
AIDS "a plot" more inside
It's been said before by those with more knowledge and power than me; but I gotta tell you: Katamari Damacy is the hardest to find, weirdest and coolest movie link game I've played in years. On top of that, the music is WONDERFUL! Still don't get it? Try the comic. If you see a copy, snag it. You won't be disappointed.
Shakeskin is a gallery of shaken faces.
Pearl Jam perform "Masters of War" (originally written and recorded by Bob Dylan in 1963) on "The Late Show" with David Letterman (32MB .mov file). File hosted by Michael Moore, of course.
The Genome in Black and White (and Gray) Is there a genetic basis for race? A recent MetaFilter discussion seemed adamant that the answer is no. But this NYT article takes an evenhanded approach, demonstrating multiple examples of the reality and usefulness of the reflections of racial ancestry in genes but emphasizing that it is far from a complete science. more inside