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October 09, 2004

Curious George: Vector maps? Are there any sources for free vector form (Adobe Illustrator, Postscript, etc) maps that I can use for quick personal projects? I have been looking through Google and can only find companies selling the files at ridiculous prices. Am I screwed?
Mike's Amazing Cakes Check out the galleries. Cakes shaped like Austin Powers, a knight in armor, a luxury cruise liner, an Italian villa, paint cans, a violin, and more. Just astonishingly well done. My favorite is the cake made to look like a slab of steak for a vegetarian's birthday. [via] more inside
In Asia, elephants are losing out against man. Some people are trying to help them, though. I think it would be nice if we could offer some elephants a new home in North America.
Curious George Actually, I'm not to certain if it was a crash or monkeybashi just switched servers, hosting accounts or what, but when I do a search for stuff posted before this week I come up empty. Did we lose if for good, or is that precious treasure which is mofi past coming back?
Jacques Derrida, RIP The biggest intellectual fraud of the 20th century has died of cancer.
Joey the Midwife: An Adversising Agency Featuring innovative branding strategies such as "Space noises." Find Joey's work for Nissan at my new fighting technique is unstoppable.
Why am I not happy? Artificial Intelligence really made a progress, the last couple of years.
Good Flag, Bad Flag Principles of designing a great flag.
The counting has started I'm sitting here with all fingers and toes crossed hoping that the electorate will kick the Rodent out on his shiny arse, but it's vewy vewy tight. Expect a result in the next few hours, unless we get a hung parliament. They count 'em pretty quick these days.
Canadafilter: minority government - So with the opening of Parliament, and the reading of the Throne Speech (realplayer), apparently there may be a threat to the minority Liberal government, but I can't find any news as to whether the non-confidence vote is going forward or not. more inside
2000! 2000 members! Fantastic! Well done us!
My Broken Leg
Curious George: What job could you never expect to hold because you'd hate it so much that inside of a week, you'd have killed everyone within a three kilometre radius? more inside
the debate Who's gonna watch. If her highness monkeybashi doesn't mind, let's post the running comentaries here.