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October 08, 2004

End of the road for St. Bernards? Another service displaced by modern technology.
Curious George: True Stories of the Supernatural and Scary! I realize Halloween is not as big a deal in NZ or UK as it is in America, but it's far and away my favorite holiday, the last real pagan celebration we have. So in the spirit of Halloween, I wanted to invite the monkeys to share their true-life experiences with ghosts, goblins, sasquatches, witches, and things that go bump in the night. (NSFParty Poopers) more inside
TV shows that never were Where do you put TV that's too good for TV? more inside
Intelligent Design - ID challenges so-called "unexplainables" in evolution, and is making some headway in Ohio schools. But is it valid science?
Caligula The Movie: How could a film written by Gore Vidal , starring Malcolm McDowell, Peter O'Toole and Sir John Gielgud, have degenerated into a universally reviled steaming pile of dreck frequently cited as one of the worst movies ever to hit the screen? more inside
Afrotech: Ghetto Hardware Mods Make your own computer from a paint bucket! Make your own Microsoft natural keyboard! Cool the RAM on your overclocked video card with pennies! How to simulate being outdoors!
Vote in Fear. A quicktime movie of condensed GOP convention speeches showing the thrust of the event - be very afraid. And vote Bush. George Lakoff theorizes that conservatives are motivated by fear, and this would certainly play to that. more inside
Scavanger Monkey Does anybody know where I can find an audio file of the music to Hitchhikers Guide? more inside
Some rather excellent masks
News photographer snaps picture of a bloody face in a mirror Problem: there was no one near him to make the reflection, in fact no one in the building of that description at all. The photo of a mirror in the UK town of Avebury's Red Lion pub shows the disquieting reflection of a bald man, his face streaked with blood. The building is said to be haunted. Is this the face of a ghost? With picture. more inside
Curious George: Sleep disorders. Do any monkeys here have any weird sleep syndromes? Not counting the more common things like insomnia. more inside
Do you know this man?
Waxy is offering Fifty bucks if you can identify "afroninja".
Stem cells pump out healing molecules. Some birth defects might be prevented by injecting mothers with stem cells. There have been some promising findings in stem cell research lately, but this is something new.
Curious, George: The GRANDEST of parents... I've always felt that the names we use to refer to our grandparents are heartbreakingly humanizing, a level of tenderness we allow one another without rebuke. I think there's nothing sweeter than an adult referring to a beloved ancestor by their personal, private (and often rather infantile) nickname. meredithea just told us about the swell chap she calls Paw Paw. I was fortunate enough to know and love Nana and Pop Pop (maternal), and Baby and Grand Dad (paternal)...Go ahead, monkeys...break my heart this evening...What names do/did your grandparents have?