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September 15, 2004

Inside the fur bus.
Online Etymological Dictionary. "It is often forgotten that (dictionaries) are artificial repositories, put together well after the languages they define. The roots of language are irrational and of a magical nature." more inside
Exposing aerial crimes and aerosol operations - because it's an emergency! - Chemtrails, an "Unsolved Mystery", is a popular topic these days. But just how are they formed and how does one distinguish them from condensation trails? The answer? Screw it all and make some money.
Deutsche Welle, now in Klingon!
A truly useful map In recent posts we've seen a Map of Springfield, an Electoral Vote Map and an even more specific, weighted Electoral Vote Cartogram. But nothing compares to the beauty and bold colors of this map noting the geographical originations of spam. Almost, yet not quite as stunning as the satellite photo of earth's artificial lights at night. Fantastic. more inside
A tiny fish in the vast ocean of books Writer Stacey Sullivan learned that if your book isn't a political memoir or a trendy diet, you can't expect your editor to edit it, your publicist to publicize it, or bookstores to try to sell it. When the book industry adapts Hollywood's blockbuster mentality, where does that leave authors?
Illicit monkey trading leads to wallaby siege. Apparently, ownership of the monkeys was a 'grey area'. more inside
The Jim Rose Dubya World Circus of Freaks. Jim Rose is bringing his latest freakshow to Europe and this time it's "a mirrored reflection of what's wrong with American society" Including Mighty Konn, a native American who gets his testicles smashed with a sledgehammer. What part of American society does Mr. Lifto Represent?
The web comic list We show the latest additions to web comics around the world in chronological order. The list is updated automatically every hour. We currently track 683 comics. more inside
Attention CD Swappers: Build a lamp from empty CD spindles! Maybe we should have a "how to make interesting things out of leftover junk" thread, since I'm springcleaning this weekend.
White Ninja Comics — For your inner 12 year old boy.
Crazy Meds. Sane stuff for crazy people. [via oldtimey.] more inside
Trash log. Would be a shlog?
"Dear God," I muttered. "I think the Candidate has bolts in his neck." A new column by Spider Jerusalem, aka Warren Ellis.
Milo's Tongue
The Man from Plains vs. "Give 'em Hell" Zell A letter from Jimmy Carter to Zell Miller re: Zell's speech at the RNC. Blatantly stolen from MeFistopheles. more inside
Curious George What are some of the best free ways to promote your website and what are some places that will review it for you?
A medical cause for 'Bushisms'? "Why does Bush sound stupid? One doctor thinks he shows signs of "presenile dementia," or an early onset of Alzheimer's disease."
365project.com - a year long journey through one man's 2002, one day at a time.
Your U-Lock is not safe. From the blue: Any circular keyed lock, including (especially) all models of Kryptonite locks, can be compromised with a fucking Bic pen. See the video, try it for yourself. more inside