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September 13, 2004

In 1987, some pranksters override a broadcast signal and air their own content. This page lists a few events when things that shouldn't have, did get broadcasted. In a way, I'm surprised that more things like these haven't happened. (RealPlayer streams)
Story as Life. 10 years ago theatres performed plays, and readings in war-torn Sarajevo and all over Europe. The aim was to stage a play every Friday until the fighting ended. The project was named "Scheherazade 2001". more inside
Penis atlas. (Probably NSFW due to funny photograph of people holding penis pictures in front of their mid-sections.)
Underground Film! No, really. All I know is I'm taking a trip to Paris soon. more inside
download the donkey kong soundtrack just in case you ever got really, really into the SNES game...
Silver Jews The Steve Malkmus post got me thinking about David Berman - songwriter, poet. and sometimes (or former) bandmate. Says Malkmus of the SJ's 1998 release American Water more inside
The cars in the other lane really are going faster. But why does this mean that you probably live in the Matrix? (So live well!) more inside
Turkmenistan's Leader Bares Soul in new book OK, do I dare post another item about this guy? Sure why not. In the interest of addressing the world-wide poetry shortage, I think I have a moral obligation. Mr. Beeswacky, they're ready for your close-up...
Explore jazz history through one photograph.
How much money would it take for you to kill a puppy with your bare hands? (.mov)
Curious George - Music for a documentary? Howdy all. I have been directing, shooting and editing a documentary tentatively titled "Women Warriors - Daughter's of Athena" which explores the changing rolls of women in American military and society. We are now trying to raise outside funding for it. For that purpose I am cutting a promotional piece for it and am looking for some cool thematic music for it. Any suggestions? more inside
Strafe's guide to streetspeak is an invaluable guide for us linksluts hanging out in c-space.
Mike the Headless Chicken for President
If you're a bad monkey, you could wind up in in the State of Punjab's monkey jail. (registration required). [ganked from Linkfilter]
To the MAN who DID his hoochie on my hood!!
Creative misuse and abuse of musical tools From early electronica to tape music and musique concr more inside
A private Warhol art collection pops up in Brattleboro .. more inside
All music, all free! In Honour of Monkey Music Monday Madness, I should like to point out that the Internet Archive have dedicated some of their not-insignificant resources to collecting and maintaining a hub for netlabels of all sizes. more inside
Whoo Hoo It's Monday! Ok, Monkeys, it's music time: try this wee ditty about child abduction, forced labour, and the violation of the law of the sea. The Hook by Stephen Malkmus and the Jinks.
21 Reasons Why the Neocons Were Wrong About Iraq Hey, that adds up to blackjack. I say the Paul Wolfowitz project of remaking the world is going along just fine.