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September 05, 2004

"I am become Death, the shatterer of worlds..." It's all too easy nowadays to forget how close we came to nuclear war, but it wasn't long ago that two dramatic and shocking depictions of the end aired on television screens across two nations. more inside
An online reprint of "How To Attain The Ideal Sex Life", circa 1940
"I must at the outset ask the reader's indulgence when discussing the intimate details of any one of the functions, which, if we employ the comparative method, are highly important on account of their analogy with the other functions, but in themselves are not very savoury"
Makes your eyes water. Or milk, as the case may be.
Necronomicon - Fact or Fiction The Straigt Dope calls it a fiction of HP Lovecraft. more inside
Speaking of apiarian shenanigans, here's a brief guide to other animal adjectives. Here's a list of the words for animal gatherings (a chain of bobolinks?).
God Almighty, why all this talk, why must We prattle about a handful of dust? The poems of 13th century Turkish mystic and humanist Yunus Emre, poems of divine love and earthly devotion. more inside