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September 04, 2004

Hurricane Blogging more inside
Anansi stories. Him be one fast tinkin' spider, mon.
What Use is Religion? Richard Dawkins considers the issue from a Darwinian perspective. Also of interest, from Jared Diamond: The Religious Success Story. [Via MeFi.]
Lonely Grandfather wants to be adopted. more inside
Curioso, Jorge, part two. Could I be experiencing a linguistic buffer overflow? more inside
Fraud Frond - It's a conspiracy! Fake trees hide cell phone towers. Here are some pics. They're springing up everywhere in the US. What about the rest of the world? Nicked from Boing Boing
Beastly Garden of Wordy Delights Contains plurals, collective nouns, sounds, gender designations and offspring names for various animal species. Interesting resource.
Show and tell! Couldn't resist posting this, my dog is Miss September! Meet Widget. (Oh, and don't miss Mr. January 2004. Heh.)
An indescribable horror. Direct, deliberate cruelty. The pictures that have been coming out of this horrendous attack have been sickening. more inside
Tips for the traveler in the U.S. From Under the Fire Star.
Let's be friends! Touching photos of unusual animal friendships.
Sunflowers = Hydrogen; The future for eco-cars? Could we grow our own gas in the future? more inside
How to win at fantasy football... and annoy people.
Koala Sabotage In the Big List of Two Words You Wouldn't Normally Expect to Find Next to Each Other, "Koala Sabotage" ranks in the top ten, just below "Lemur Assassin." Nonetheless, it's a good name for this game, wherein your team of fuzzy, cuddly koalas derail trains and steal supplies in order to build cheap, shoddy houses. Not the sort of behavior you generally expect from marsupials. [Flash]
[via Little Fluffy]
Psychoceramics. [Quoi?] more inside
Curious George: Gmail . I still have five Gmail invitations. Can I sell them on Ebay, or is there a specialized marketplace?
Lets play a game of Spot the Humping Dogs