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September 02, 2004

Identity Theft - This excerpt from Bob Sullivan's My Evil Twin has me reeling in amazement at how easy it was, and still is, to successfully perpetrate identity fraud upon Americans of all walks of life--from the rich to the poor, no one is safe from the gleamy-eyed clutches of the Ragged Company.
Aerorider primarily meant for commuting. Aerodynamic bodywork protects from wind and rain. Easy to maintain speed without perspiring. Time efficient, easy and comfortable way to improve your fitness.
Me want.
Kelsey Grammer gets a boy. This is his second child by his third wife, through his second surrogate mother. Though some wonder why the surrogate? more inside
Where are Nostril's Socks? And what about teh 'tools's pants?
Curious George: photoshop color problem (.jpg) more inside
Young George W Bush Turns out we haven't "misunderestimated" him.
Curious George: Where are my <strike>socks</strike> pants? Have you seen them? Nostril? more inside
Curious George: Where Are My Socks? I used to have, it seems only a short while ago, many pairs of socks. I look in my sock drawer now and find one old navy sock and a white gym sock that doesn't even belong to me. And my lucky pair of green socks are missing. Where are they? Only Monkeyfilter can help. more inside
Apparently, Buddhists enjoy drinking pee (urine). A secret buried deep in the just-now-translated pee-drinking sutra reveals that drinking pee can be good for your health - or so says a Thai academic! All those claiming to be boddhisatva must now forever stand on the threshold of enlightenment until all suffering in man or beast is alleviated with splishy splashety urine. Finally, my question has been answered.
Zell Goes Nuts. Zell Miller, a lifelong "Democrat" gives the keynote speech at the RNC and basically calls Kerry a homosexual communist child-molester. Then he gets a bit nutty with the host of "Hardball". Discuss. more inside
Curious George: Quarter life Crisis, job, blah blah - inside more inside
DC MoFi/MeFi Meet Up TODAY! Location change to the Big Hunt in DuPont. Please come 'cause we changed the place to make it happen! Previous MoFi thread here (sorry to post again). more inside
The Rock band KISS.. YOU ARE FIRED !! After years of robbing our pocketbooks we are fed up.. and now we are going to do something about it.
"Someone is trying to share Opinions and Experiences about you via our website." A very creepy scam preying on everyone's common paranoia that people are talking about me. (More inside)
Don't Drive With Drunken Idiots! Safe for work, but rather unsettling. more inside
Peter Posnette, the saviour of modern chocolate, has died. Until I read his obituary, I had never heard of this man brought so much pleasure into my life--and helped keep afloat the economy of one of the world's poorer regions. In his honor, let's celebrate the world's unsung heroes. Come on, monkeys--tell me about the folks I've never heard of, but who deserve my thanks.
Steve Albini gives a talk on analog vs. digital and other audio engineering questions (.mov, really long)
If you're not familiar with his engineering (most famously: Nirvana's "In Utero" and the Pixies's "Surfer Rosa") or his bands (previously Big Black and Rapeman, currently Shellac) then you've might've heard of Albini's infamous essay, "The Problem With Music" on why artists in the biz are usually facked. more inside
Wakayama officials drown 20 wild monkeys.
The psychology of cyberspace. We're all pathological.