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August 28, 2004

I can't pot my nurdled wink...
...so I'll piddle you free and you can boondock a red. What am I talking about? more inside
Curious George. more inside
Furious George and the Cross-Country Crime Spree A rather addictive game featuring a lovable monkey and heinous criminal acts. Travel from state to state! Commit atrocities! Rack up points!
Mel Gibson 2004. This will be a "gorilla-political war" with each individual citizen doing, in his or her own way, whatever legal thing he or she can think of to promote Mel’s election. more inside
Australian Spam John Howard's government has banned commercial spam. Political spam is OK, but then the idiot hires a commercial company to spam the whole of the Australian electorate. Oh yes, the commercial spammer is his son. more inside
Death Mask Gallery. Death masks of the famous, the unknown and (eek!) own of our own
Curious, George? Honour Societies. What are they worth, really? Does the membership fee get you anything useful? Do employers care about them? more inside
Curious, George: Yahoo! Chat Why can't I login to Yahoo chat? more inside
Dance, Moneys, Dance! These monkeys are at once the ugliest and most beautiful creatures on the planet. 2.1mb MP3 via the curmudgeonly apes over at the Blue
Giant Spiders from Allah One man's miracle is another man's nightmare.
Why Does Robert Thompson Get Quoted So Much? Robert Thompson is a professor at Syracuse University and on any given day if you type "Robert Thompson" Syracuse into Google news you will get over a hundred hits. Why?
Say goodbye to one size fits all. Commoditization used to mean bland uniformity, but these days it's going the other way. Now answer me this question: why do computers only come in two colors?