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January 13, 2004

Behaviourism lives on... more inside
Think you could do a better job as president than any of these bozos? Well, here's your chance!
The seven words you can't say on television, 2004 edition. A bill introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives this month would outlaw the expression on TV and radio of seven well-known words.
Stormgasm -- nature money shots [via The Morning News]
Abandoned Bikes of New York - No Leo, no heavy-handed Scorcese, and it doesn't take 3 and half hours to look at, either.
It looks like Kill Bill Vol. 2 is going to be delayed until at least April. Meanwhile you can send members of the Deadly Viper Assassins after those who have wronged you. Boy did this come in handy today. Take that you evil boss wench!
A preview of the next Bush administration's foreign policy? "If Bush wins a second term with Cheney at his side, neo-conservatives such as Perle might well find themselves back on top. If so, you may be able to buy this book on remainder and use it as a scorecard."
Baghdad Bob Is Back Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf (aka Baghdad Bob) scored a job doing commentary for Abu Dhabi TV. He also claimed that American forces were "lost in the desert . . . They cannot read a compass . . . They are retarded," and, "There is no presence of the American columns in the city of Baghdad at all. We besieged them and we killed most of them." I'm wondering how soon it will be before he scores a job with the networks.
Monkey! Monkey! Little red monkey! more inside
Svenska dansband more inside
Recently posted over at Comfort Stand Records (the same folks who brought you the late and much lamented 365 Days Project), is the excellent (and free!)Three Forks, the new album by The Apartment.
It's like a less serious version of Moby's "Play". Only much better.
This Man Is The Very Definition Of "Will-Power". Scroll down to see side-by-side comparisons photos... more inside