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December 31, 2003

Is Glenn Reynolds A Bigot? I certainly know that for a law professor Glenn Reynolds declared the Valerie Plame leak "bogus" because Plame had her picture taken in Vanity Fair. Maybe that's why John Ashcroft took himself off the investigation and appointed an independant prosecutor. more inside
Bored? Here, for your amusement, is a very strange (and fairly long) bulletin board exchange pondering the legality/morality of incest and/or cheddar burgers in Brazil.
The Indiatimes reports on the reverse brain drain between the US and India A reverse brain drain?. Indeed, the India Times chronicles those in the U.S. attending Job Fairs for work in India. Also discussed are the two prior waves of Indian Americans moving back to India.
Primate Programming Inc. An unsubtle satire of IT outsourcing, or taking the MonkeyFilter to its obvious extreme? You be the judge. Oooh oooh. Ahhh ahhh. Dot Net...
Perhaps, the silliest conspirancy theory I have seen, Chemtrails continue to be as popular as ever. The google search brings many gems like this one, or this one. But this is the creme of the crop. Those guys probably went to the same web design school where the Time Cube guy learned his html skills. But hey, maybe contrails are really affecting our environment after all.
Movie endings for those of you who don't want to pay $10 just to see the ending of Planet of the Apes. Courtesy AskMe.
Putting the Sweat Back Into Sweaters.