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November 20, 2003

I was stalked at Amazon.com - Author Allison Burnett had her Amazon.com ratings tampered with by a personal enemy or an unsympathetic reader. The result, along with a lot of personal anxiety, was a tangible drop in her rank and sales. Given the very real possibility of reputation and financial damage, should Amazon put tighter controls on comments and ranking or is this just sour grapes? more inside
Emotional jewellery 'Moi, a PhD student at the Royal College of Art, London, has over the last four years developed prototype jewellery that does not merely exist beautifully on the body. It also interacts dynamically with the wearer by indicating emotional changes in the wearer's mind.' (via Beverly Tang)
Guess the gender! Those crazy Europeans and their gender-specific languages! If a native English speaker was confronted with, say, a pair of scissors, what gender would we assign them? See if you're with the majority.
Got 'arf a quid, darlin'? American woman has a stroke, wakes up English. Explains everything, doesn't it? I knew there had to be a reason the English played such brain-dead rugby...