October 08, 2005

So many drugs, so little time. An amazing photographic history of New York's debauched club scene in the 1970's taken by Allan Tannenbaum. NSFW!! As well as a large listing of his other photo's.

As I looked as these picture's I couldn't help but appreciate the historic value of them as they reflected a period in New York that should never be repeated. So many drugs, so much sex, and so little time. Wonder where some of these people are now (besides dead).

  • Man, them's some creepy pix.
  • Looks like a pleasant time was had by all.
  • John Bolton used to hang out at Plato's Retreat, wonder if he's in any of these pix.
  • > wonder if [john bolton]'s in any of these pix. i'm not much good at recognizing people but the guy in platos_retreat_cubicle looks like a possible.
  • Wow, that's some craziness there. I think I'll stick with the cuddle parties!
  • That is one huge slice of an era captured there.
  • Well...that was an intresting site...*nods* xD
  • Decky Dancin', Darshon!
  • Bah. Just like the last family reunion I went to.
  • [Clicks link] ... MOM!?!
  • Dude totally stole my Halloween costume.
  • Hey it's Jackie Big O! Ha! I still got it!